ZTE Spro Plus=> Android tablet+laser projector!

The ZTE Spro Plus is due out globally by summer 2016.


Chinese manufacturer ZTE is at
Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to present its latest range of
devices, including one curiosity — the Spro Plus — a hybrid gadget
that’s a portable projector and a touchscreen tablet all rolled into
As a ‘senior bro’ to the
Spro 2 — ZTE’s Android pico projector with built-in touch screen — the
ZTE Spro Plus has the form factor and power of an Android tablet.
Presented at the Barcelona trade fair and due to go on sale by summer
2016, the device has an 8.4-inch screen (2560×1440 pixels), 3GB of RAM,
32 to 128GB of memory (depending on the version) and a memory card
slot. The

The Spro Plus has an in-built laser projector with
brightness up to 500 lumens, which can project an 80-inch image from a
distance of 2.4 meters. The projector will be available in WiFi and
4G/WiFi models but there’s no word yet on how much this two-in-one might
cost. Note that ZTE counts over 500,000 unit sales of its Spro 1 and 2
Alongside the Spro Plus, the Chinese manufacturer showcased its new generation of Blade smartphones — the V7 and V7 Lite
— at MWC 2016. These are stylish 5.2-inch and 5-inch mid-range Android
handsets, expected to land in the spring in selected countries.

also presented an original accessory, in the form of a connected ring.
Dubbed the iCharming, this micro wearable can be used for activity
tracking or to take photos via a smartphone camera, and has an SOS
function to send an emergency message to a selected contact. As yet, no
official release date has been announced.
Mobile Word Congress runs February 22-25, 2016, in Barcelona. Website: mobileworldcongress.com
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