You Can Now Cast Spells On Your Phone

Are you a fan of Harry Potter?
Have you watched the collection- from The Sorcerer’s Stone – up to The Half- Blood Prince and the likes?

If you have an Android phone, get ready to cast a few of Harry Potter’s spells.
partnered up with the next Harry Pottery flick, “Fantastic Beasts and
Where to Find Them,” and announced that fans can now cast three spells
straight from their phones.
Say, “OK Google, Lumos!” to turn the phone’s flashlight on. To turn the flashlight off, say “OK Google, Nox!”
“Silencio!” will magically turn off your phone’s ringer and notifications.
no word yet if Google will add any more spells to its repertoire, but
it sure is a cool way to show off your Potter skills.


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