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Hello guys. After putting some points into consideration, I have found out that many people need a feature of this site that was missing for a while. Those people include the people in the following categories:write

  • The young bloggers who want their contents here (Helpful for SEO)
  • Bloggers who want a post here to link back to them
  • Those who want to advertise their business here (Click here)
  • People who need promotion of any kind (Applications are screened in this category). (Click here).

Now, what do sponsored posts mean? What do guest posts mean? Explore as I explain below.

Sponsored posts is a type of posts that deal with an advertisement of new businesses, websites, and any other money oriented establishment. If you want your company to get the exposure it needs in the tech arena, www.tomjoetech.net is the place to go. We help you make sure that you are ‘well introduced’.  If you want a sponsored post, you can either write the post yourself or give us the required contents. We make sure that your business goes live! If you want promotion of any kind too, there’s now a section for it.Guest posts Sponsored posts Adverts - www.tomjoetech.net

To make sure things are not made difficult for you, as you are probably just launching your business, when you contact us via mail about the required sponsored post, we would discern the costs and let you know. But, It would be affordable. Your business also goes to two other platform of ours so when someone searches on Google for ‘your business name’the person is well informed, as Google would direct the person to our sponsored post.

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What about Guest Posts?

We allow guest posts for blogs and freelancers to write on this blog and get their content and shared knowledge made public! Every blogger that writes a guest post here gets a powerful backlink from my blog (Very good for SEO).  This is majorly for bloggers or consultants who major in any of the following topics:

  • Browsing tricks
  • Android guides or reviews of mobile devices
  • Tech how-tos and DIYs
  • SEO tips and tricks
  • WordPress tricks and hacks
  • Blog And website Setup
  • Hidden tricks on the internet, etc.

Note  that if you need an advertising space, send me a mail (phonefixerxyz@gmail.com) and we would get back to you.

The price of guest posts here have been limited to Nothing- Meaning Guest posts on my blog are free! Contact me via email to get started!


1. You get to pay a one-time cheap fee for each post/advert.

2. You are sure to get at least, a thousand views daily

3. This is the best place to put your brand, especially if it correlates with the theme of my blog

4. Your posts are So-called analysed and re-add justed, if necessary to make sure it ranks high

5. You get a unique backlink (if you are a blogger).

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For all enquires or applications, send me a mail with the subject ‘Guest Post Request’s or ‘I need a sponsored post’s as the case may be, and include whatever you wish to. You’ll get replied, within 24-48hours, or even in minutes, as the case may be.

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