Why Your Phone Lags

Hello guys. In this post, you would be made to understand the meaning of phone lagging, its causes and common solutions. Nice, isn’t it?.


In the simplest terms, when I say your phone is lagging,I simply mean that is hanging or getting slow. Now, these are the major causes of phone lagging.

♦Insufficient internal storage space left (especially in samsungs)

♦Playing high-end games/ using high quality applications with a smartphone with a Small RAM capacity

♦ Incorrect Rooting

♦When you install too many Xposed Modules


♦When you install an incompatible boot animation

♦When you are using a strong VPN app

♦When you are recording the contents of your screen

♦When the phone  is overheating

♦When you are using a bad charger (your touchscreen aso presses itself randomly in this case)

♦When you receive many notification messages at the same time,etc.

In the real sense, when your phone begins to hang, its probably giving you a sign to give it a break (If youve been using it heavily), and uninstall the apps thst consume the battery so quickly. Those apps would eventually kill your device on the long run, so you need to be careful.

Below are safety precautions to follow to keep your android phone’s battery in top gear:

♦ Avoid rooting

♦Avoid using VPN apps too often

♦Turn off data connection when you are not using your phone to browse urgently

♦Dont charge your phone, until it gets below 20%. Trust me when i say this- DONT OVERCHARGE!

♦Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth

♦Do not leave your Xender/ lash Share on, after using it for its purpose

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♦Switch off your phone occassionally, and let it stay off for three hours (at least) ,without disturbance.

♦ Do not download stuffs simultaneously (at the same time)

♦Uninstall ALL apps you do not use frequently, as they are uninportant

♦Uninstall ALL battery savers, NONE truly works

♦Uninstall ALL speed boosters or cleaners except Cleanmaster, others do not work

♦Do not use ‘heavy’ launchers.


I assure you that if you can at least, follow these ‘safety rules’ above, you would really enjoy your phone and it would last.


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