Why MTN Internet Speed Has Become Slow- LEAKED!!

Hello guys. You might have noticed that the speed of your mtn sim card is not as fast as before, and you may want to know the reason why.

Shortly after Etisalat got slower than how fast it used to be (but it seems to be getting better now), people also stopped browsing on airtel for a while, because of the heavy consumption of data when in the real sense, a small amount is actually used by the subscriber.

Even in the Unilag, the speed of your MTN cannot be okay, except in the early hours of the morning. This was not he case a month ago! What went wrong? I’ll try to explain in a way you’ll really understand below.

A reliable source got me to know that since the inception of MTN 4G LTE, only a few subscribers upgraded their sim to 4g, notwithstanding the 4gb of data they promised to give after the sim upgrade.

The general excuse of people were

  • They were ok with their 3g speed
  • Their device does not support 4g

So the simple truth behind this slow browsing experience on MTN during the day is not because their is no mast, its not because too many people are browsing (many people browse on airtel during the day and get 1mb/s+), but because they have set a bandwidth restriction for browsing in the day for sims that are not upgraded.

So, to experience your 3g speed back, go to their office and upgrade your sim.

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