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What To Do when your phone drops into water

What should you do when your mobile phone falls into water or any liquid? You may be working on a busy and suddenly, your mobile phone drops into a bucket of water- Of course, you know that doing nothing about it would fry your phone, either gradually or immediately; except if it is water resistant.

Phone dropped phone in water what to do when phone drops

Well, water is a conductor of electricity and the phone has electric components inside. After years of professional phone repair, I have come to note that 12% of phone problems have water involved. Water gives life to humans but not to phones.

So, what can you do when your phone enters water or when water enters into it?

The best thing is not to wait or the phone to develop problem signs.

Things You should Not Do

  • Don’t turn it on
  • Do not press any buttons or keys
  • Don’t shake, tap or bang the phone
  • Don’t take the phone apart. Your device comes with a Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI) which, when activated, could void your warranty, and this could be triggered when you open your phone. Only take it apart if you absolutely need to and you have experience, so you do not damage it further.
  • Do not blow air on it. This could send water into other internal parts of the phone that it hadn’t already reached, causing more damage in the process
  • Do not heat it up (that includes using a blow dryer or microwaving it). Youre harming it!. The heat can damage the delicate electronics inside.

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Once the device is no longer submerged in water, if you can, take that battery out. Don’t even bother powering it off, don’t press any other buttons, just open up the phone and pull the battery out. If you can’t do that  — if you own an iPhone or another device that’s impossible to quickly open apart — you’ll have to settle for just carefully powering the device off. You should cut off power in the device as quickly as possible to prevent the possibility of a short circuit.

Steps In Getting Your Phone Saved

Follow these steps when your phone falls into water.


After taking out your phone from the water of course, the next thing you need to do is take the battery and SIM card out straight away. Don’t press any buttons to check if it is still working. Remove the SD card if it is in the phone too. If you have a iPhone, or an android with a non-removable battery, then you will not be able to take the battery out, so you will need to switch the phone off as soon as you can and then remove the SIM card.


Carefully clean off water from the phone with a dry piece of cloth or towel.Phone dropped in water


Fill a bowl with uncooked rice and place your phone, memory card and sim card in a paper towel loosely and put it in the middle. If you have any silica packets (the ones that come with products like new shoes or new water bottles), put them in to the bowl too. Silica packets, just like uncooked rice, are perfect for removing moisture in the air.


Be still. All you need to do here it wait. Just leave your wet phone covered in the bowl of uncooked rice for between 12-24 hours.

It’s important that you leave your phone in the rice for between 12-24 hours, so you give it a chance to completely dry and rid itself of moisture.

Once you’re satisfied that your phone is completely dry, reassemble your phone and try turning it on and using it as you would normally. Yes, the smartest thing you can do is begin hoarding the desiccant packets you’re already getting for free. Start now: Every time you see a loose desiccant packet in a box with a new pair of shoes, a hard drive, a shipment of spices, or whatever, pull it out and save it.Leave them all into a plastic or glass container you’re certain has an air-tight seal. After you’ve collected a bunch of them, you have an emergency phone-rescue pod ready to go. Just drop the dunked phone into the container, seal it up, and you’ll get the same results as any of those other commercial options.

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