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Hello guys. As a result of multiple questions I’ve been getting into my mailbox (tomjoetech@gmail.com) and whatsapp messages, I’ve deemed it fit to thoroughly explain a wonderful ‘self-empowerment something’ with which you can earn and be your own boss– Blogging.

When it comes down to it, a blog is just a website. It allows you to communicate with an audience and spread a message. Today, many people are running their entire businesses on blogs.do you know my first site was androclinic.blogspot.com?

Blogging provides you with a platform to engage with your audience. If someone leaves a comment on your blog, respond to it. Also engage with other bloggers who write on subjects similar to yours. “If you just try to be this island in the middle of the sea, it is much harder to attract people to you,” David points out. Instead, you need to be actively forming new relationships with fellow bloggers. In the actial sense, this is a very advantageous business which involves you working with your passion.

Free Blog Platforms Lead to a Blog Explosion

In mid-1999, Pitas created the first free, easy-to-use blogging platform, which led to the creation of hundreds of new online blogs almost overnight. Of course, after 1999 and 2000 came the giant free blogging platforms known as Blogger and WordPress, among others. Once the general public had an easy platform to create a fairly nice looking web page that they could easily update on a weekly or daily basis, the “blogosphere” was transformed forever into a small clique of Internet enthusiasts to a very large (and growing) community of folks who are interested in, and blog about, a very wide range of topics from gardening, to camping to finance.Whether you want to blog about celebrities, politics or gardening, you can follow this simple guide on how you can start your own successful blog and continue building on its success for years to come. Don’t be a blogger cos of the money, but because of your passion.Being a blogger can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Some people write a blog only as an online journal and don’t really care whether or not people read it.

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After creating your blog, you can learn how to improve your rankings, earn and do a lot more from your site (would be posted if this post has at least,   10 comments).

(Mine is not up to this yet, but working towards it. You too can!)

What does Blogging mean?

“The phrase ‘blogging’ is just semantics,” says David Meerman Scott. It basically refers to a platform for someone to create content with passion and build a community around it.

The major investments to make are listed below:

Research And Studying




There is something i always say- to start your site, you must know  what you want to be writing about- is it about books, is it a magazine, is it a store, etc.

Also know for sure that your blog would need your 100% attention, especially if it is in the development stage.

To be able to do different meaningful stuffs and own your blog 100%, you’ll need to do three things

Buy a hosting

Buy a domain

Get started.

Worried about what to do here? Ill help as usual. The best hosting and domain provider which I have been using for some time is going to be mentioned in the following post.

Now you know what blogging stands for. Go to the next post to see how to set up your blog

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