We Are Now Tomjoetech.net!!

Hello guys.. Its time we moved on..
Surely,you must have benefitted from the site, but I have to expand its reach by moving to a .com site.

Very soon, www.tomjoetech.net would be released to replace the androclinic.blogspot.com blog. Don’t worry, former links would still be active , as this site would be on, but inactive (passive).

All new posts would be written to tomjoetech.net.
At the time of writing,the site is not yet fully create, but when its ready, you’ll get to know.

Please,to keep this going, help me in spreading this site www.tomjoetech.net as soon as it is launched, so you guys can comment well, share and enjoy the contents.
I really need you to help me to help you.

Thanks guys… Launched..#tomjoetech.net.


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