Galaxy s7 and s6 users need to read this

Hey guys T•J here with another exhilarating tech update for you.

So I was doing some research yesterday and I stumbled upon something,

The Samsung s7 and s6 seems to be suffering from a spontaneously shattering camera glass problem

According to Forbes they reported that 22 and maybe still counting users with evidence of the aforementioned problem, expressed their despair below;

Reader and owner of a samsung s7 woke up to find the camera glass had shattered despite being left untouched and in a case overnight.

According to Sean, ‘The camera glass had shattered like a miniature bullet hole.’

Sean goes on to explain how Samsung, convinced that he must have caused the physical damage himself, refused to replace the handset under warranty. Turning to Google, Sean searched online for similar reports of spontaneously shattering camera glass and found several others. In each case, Samsung had refused to repair the defect under warranty.

More examples can be found in Samsung’s own community forum where users have reported the camera glass breaking under similarly unlikely circumstances. One user also reported the same thing happening on his Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, where the glass broke while they were taking a picture.

Responding to another post in the same forum, a Samsung rep cautiously responded:

‘Hi, everyone. I wanted to personally thank you for being active members of the community and want you to know that we understand this growing frustration and concern over something that seems quite unexplained.

We do see there are quite a few interesting theories, and although we cannot speculate on each individual’s situation, we would like to assure you that Samsung does take many different conditions into consideration when constructing our devices. Our desire is to always make high quality products for our customers and we strive to be leaders in quality. Although some unforeseen things may come, we do believe this is an isolated occurrence and do not want to place blame on anyone.

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The best way to determine what caused your specific issue, is to send the unit in for service so that Samsung technicians can look at it firsthand.  Feel free to reach out to us on any channel.

With Samsung currently refusing to replace or repair affected phones under warranty, some have turned to lens repair tutorials on YouTube for a DIY solution. It’s of some relief to know that this issue can be fixed, but this certainly isn’t a procedure for the average user and would certainly void any warranty. Users report fees of around $70 for a paid repair.

If you are a victim of the problem, let me know in the comment box below with proper  explanation.

Happy New year from me to you and from the entire team of TOMJOTECH.

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