Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S4 ‘s Network

Hello guys. If your S4 is sim restricted, follow any of these methods in Unlocking samsung s4.


This method is totally free, but you have to be careful and follow every step without mistakes, because otherwise you might brick your device. So make sure you don’t do anything wrong and that your phone has enough battery so it won’t turn off during the process.

This should work for all variants of the Samsung Galaxy S4, including I9500, I9505, I9506, I9505G, I337, M919, I545, L720, R970, I959, I9502, I337M, M919V, R970X, and R970C.

  1. Open the phone dialer
  2. Dial *#0011#
  3. Press Menu
  4. Tap Back
  5. Press Menu and open the Key input
  6. Enter 1 and press OK
  7. Press Menu and tap Back
  8. Tap [1]UMTS
  9. Tap [1]DEBUG SCREEN
  10. Tap [6]PHONE CONTROL
  11. Tap [6]NETWORK LOCK
  12. Tap [3]PERSO SHA256 OFF
  13. Press Menu and then Back
  14. Tap [6]COMMON
  15. Tap [6]NV REBUILD
  16. Tap [4]RESTORE BACK UP
  17. Now your device will freeze, but don’t worry. Be patient and press Menu when you can, then Back key ON.
  18. Your device will now reboot.

Now your Samsung Galaxy S4 should be SIM unlocked

2. Another method is to achieving  Unlocking samsung s4 is from an expert. If method one doesnt work for you, kindly contact me to buy your unlock code and fix it.

3. Put in the sim. Go to settings>connections>more networks>mobile networks and switch the “Network Mode” to “GSM/UMTS”. There’s a popup after that at which time you should pick “Manual” and then it’ll search the networks and you’ll have your option to choose.

An added knowledge for my esteemed readers on Unlocking samsung s4.

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