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The Single Key That would make Infinix beat Gionee In the Nigerian Market

The fast-growing phone brand in Nigeria, Infinix Mobile™  needs a key that would unlock the hearts of Gionee™ phone users to make them switch to Infinix. I have had conversations with a number of Gionee users and they listed the source of their preference of Gionee over Infinix.

infinix vs gionee

I’ve used a total of four different Infinix Phones, which are:

and I have never for once, had any cause of regret. In fact, despite that I unintentionally drop my phone on the ground at times, I only had to fix the touchpad once cos I slept on it once, with my elbow resting on it. And it was very cheap cos I did it myself (as a phonefixer).

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  1. Excellent Battery Life:

    Who doesn’t want a phone with a good battery? Not only the fact that they have good and long battery lives, the batteries also last long- unlike phones like Tecno that may have large amounts of battery, but after an average of four months, lasts for very fewer hours.battery

    Battery consumption


    I have come across someone on Gurusfound’s whatsapp group that claimed his Samsung S5 gets hot enough to iron his clothes. In my early days in the world o smartphone, I have had a Tecno Phantom A2 (called tecno f8)- A flagship phone that was just released when I purchased it. This phone started getting hot at a particular point in time that most times, I would have to put two iced sachet-water under it whenever I wanted to download a movie. But Infinix and Gionee are doing the right thing, as the probability that your infinix phone or Gionee phone would get hot out o the blues is very low, as long as you do not root it- My infinix phone handled almost 200applications perfectly-until i had to uninstall most o them myself when I was done using them.My current home screen

  3. Wonderful Camera Quality:

    Infinix and Gionee are not slacking in this aspect at all.

  4. Lightweight
  5. OTG support
  6. Wonderful design.


  1. Gionee phones are over Expensive
  2. Gionee screens are not strong: I once repaired a Gionee M5 and in coupling it back, the screen got broken- i didnt fall down and neither did it crack- The screen just had to be replaced.



  1. Make an android device with inbuilt Ir Blaster (Read about IR Blaster here)
  2. Please, stop making Pro variants for every phone you make – It can be very annoying.
  3. Try to keep up with the date you promise to release OTA updates.

Just 3 right? I as a reader, you have other suggestions, kindly use the comments section.

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