The koreans have built a monster

Hey guys T•J here and i am seriously terrified. Ask me why because the koreans just finished building the prototype of a four meters tall gigantic monster and guess what ? ,

It mimicks human, and also moves it legs and arms  like that of human. Here is the full story ;

Scientists have programmed a monster one-tonne robot that can walk and mimic human movements resembling something from Avatar .

The METHOD-1 machine is four metres tall and when it stomps it leaves the ground “shaking”, according to designer Vitaly Bulgarov.

The giant robot, built in South Korea, works by repeating the actions of its pilot sitting inside by moving its enormous arms and legs up and down.

A control room just big enough for a human operator to squeeze in sits where the robot’s chest should be.

It was created by Seoul-based Korea Future Technology but it is unclear how it will be used.The designer modelled his high-tech creation after working on Hollywood blockbusters including Robocop, Transformers 4 and Terminator Genisys.

They also said vitaly is remaining tight-lipped about the robot, but said it could be used to “solve problems” rather than for evil.

Here is a picture of the robot created by the koreans

And here is the one from Avatar

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