The dawn of a new era in technology

Hello guys T•J here and I am freaking out.

Ask me why, because it looks like the ROBOTS will be taking over in 2017.

I am just kidding but seriously are the ROBOTS taking over in 2017.

I know you are asking why do I think ROBOTS are taking over by 2017 and the reason is;

Androidauthority just reported that LG will be releasing not only one but three AI robots at CES 2017 for outdoor and public use.

They said LG is planning to show “advanced robot technologies” at CES 2017 next week to showcase new innovations in artificial intelligence. The robots aren’t your run-of-the-mill smart toasters or vacuum bots either, with some being designed for public use outdoors. If you’re getting visions of K-2So, you’re probably on the right track.

They also mentioned that out of the three AI robots, one will be for home use,serving as a “smart home gateway” and personal assistant for owners,  the second AI robot by LG will demonstrate new capabilities for tending to one’s yard and garden, and the last but not least  model is designed for commercial use in public spaces such as airports and hotels to help improve the traveler’s experience, let’s just hope they don’t go skynet on us and destroy all of hummanity (just joking) with the pretence of making life easier.

So are you considering still getting a robot and making life easier. LG’S new AI are your best bet

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