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Delete WhatsApp message

Everyone uses whatsapp. I’ll be explaining how you can undo a whatsapp message you sent, even after the 7minutes normal limit, after which normal deleting (recalling) becomes impossible. Meaning I want to show you how to delete whatsapp messages as far as a week back. There is also a video tutorial at the end of the page should in case you get stuckHow to delete whatsapp messenges

According to WhatsApp’s website,

You can only delete messages for everyone for up to seven minutes after sending. Once seven minutes have passed, there is no way to delete messages for everyone….

But what if I showed you how to do this, even after the seven minutes limit? Read on!

How to delete Whatsapp messages after 7 minutes limit

Kindly note: While the feature is useful in cases when you forgot to delete something after realizing it was inappropriate, beyond seven minutes is a long time for a message to remain unseen by anyone. Secondly, it is yet to be officially confirmed whether or not this would be prevented in future updates. I’ve use this trick with the latest whatsapp update and it still works so fine, without any third party app or advanced whatsapp.Delete WhatsApp message

Follow the following steps:

1. Look at a message you sent and choose up a time within the normal 7 minutes.

For example, If i wanted to delete a message I sent by 7:23am, I would choose 7:26am or 7:24am or 7:28am.

Another example is the picture below. If I wanted to delete the message I underlined which was sent by 9:52am, I can choose a time like 9:54am.

2. After choosing a suitable time, I would turn on Airplane mode on my phone. You can turn on Airplane mode in your phone settings or after drawing your notification bar downwards

3. Go to settings then go to apps. Find WhatsApp and click on Force Stop

4. Then adjust your phone’s date and time to the time you chose in step 1

5. Go to WhatsApp, find the message and ‘delete for everyone’. The messages would be deleted!

6. Readjust your  phone’s time and date

7. Deactivate airplane mode and it is done!

In case you do not understand, I would drop a video of how I go about this. Watch the video below

Video Tutorial- How to delete Whatsapp message even after 7 minutes Limit!


If you found this trick useful, kindly comment and share this article!

December 8, 2017 2 comments
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WhatsApp Messenger  went offline, due to a major outage, stopping millions of people from using it around the world. I guess its a server issue, cos my tests showed that the app couldn’t connect to the servers during the period- It had a down time.Whatsapp server down WhatsApp has steadily added a number of new features over the last year, including support for GIFs and FaceTime-style video calls. Let’s remember that this is not the first worldwide outage that WhatsApp has suffered this year; there was one in May!Whatsapp error

People couldn’t send or receive messages using the Facebook-owned app, apparently because of a server problem. Service appears now to be gradually being restored. Whatsapp is down for over a thousand of users in Britain right now, with reports increasing by the second that the app is broken. Independent website DownDetector, which tracks social comments around a certain topic to monitor outages across the globe, shows over a thousand WhatsApp customers reporting issues using the app. Whatsapp server down

According to the site, problems with the chat app occurred around 8am today morning, with hundreds of people reporting issues with the app.

DownDetector says that 51 per cent of customers are having issue connecting to it. A further 29 per cent report issues receiving messages and 19 per cent are struggling to login; The app didn’t initially look broken, with chats and contacts able to load.

This graphic shows the outage occurred at about 8am with thousands of users reporting problems with the app

This graph shows the outage occurred at about 8am with thousands of users reporting problems with the app.

Luisa Zissman asked her thousands of followers: “Anyone else #whatsapp down? Or just me? RT if your not working too.” She has received dozens of comments and hundreds of retweets to that effect!

Speaking at the time, a spokesperson for the company said: “Earlier today, WhatsApp users in all parts of the world were unable to access WhatsApp for a few hours.”We have now fixed the issue and apologise for the inconvenience.”

November 3, 2017 1 comment
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Remember the post I said whatsapp was planning an update to enable message undo? The fulfilment is here! You can now revoke messages on WhatsApp just like in the short clip below:

The Facebook-owned service confirms messages that have been successfully deleted for everyone will be replaced with “This message was deleted” in your recipients’ chats. Similarly, if you see “This message was deleted” in a chat, it means that the sender deleted their message for everyone.

How to get WhatsApp ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature, and how it works

  • Make sure you the latest version of WhatsApp is downloaded on your phone. The recipient must also have the latest version installed for the Delete for Everyone feature to work.
  • Select the message(s) you want to delete
  • Tap the delete/ trash icon on the screen
  • Now the dialogue box will show the new option Delete for Everyone

Once you hit the Delete for Everyone dialogue box, the sent message will be replaced with “You deleted this message”. Also, remember that the feature will not work if the other person is not on the latest version of WhatsApp; in this case, recipients may see the message before it’s deleted or if deletion was not successful.

WhatsApp says that the feature will be applicable only if the user is quick enough. The company explains that users can only delete messages for everyone for up to seven minutes after sending. This means that once seven minutes have passed, there is no way to delete messages for everyone. Apart from ‘Delete for Everyone’, WhatsApp has renamed the regular delete option, calling it Delete for Me. This, as before, allows users to delete the message they’ve sent or received from the device. However, this will have no effect on the recipients’ chats. This feature will not change anything on the recipients end and they can continue seeing the messages in their chat screen.

Have you tried using it?

November 2, 2017 0 comment
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WhatsApp, a popular social media that started from 2007 and is not being led by the owner of Facebook and Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg joins the ranks of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in having  verified profiles, and taken a step towards increasing the convenience with which users can communicate with businesses on the platform. WhatsApp verified profiles for businesses were being tested on the Windows Phone beta app, and now the company has come forward to announce how the feature will work on the Android beta version. With this announcement, WhatsApp has added another feature to its growing list of features introduced in 2017; another major feature coming to the app will be UPI integration for convenient money transfers.

But isn’t Mark taking it too far? I mean, WhatsApp is a social media for just IM (instant messaging). He added the status feature and got no complaints, but I am having a feeling that after the launch of this feature, WhatsApp may lose some of its juice. Remember that they are also According to WhatsApp. Whatsapp is the biggest and most popular social messaging app in the world and the biggest reason of WhatsApp’s popularity is the simple ui and ease to use . After the Facebook acquisition we are seeing a bunch of new features coming to whatsapp every month.Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp's boss

How WhatsApp “verified profiles” would work

“WhatsApp will also alert you when you start talking to a business via yellow messages inside a chat. There is no way to delete these messages from the chat. If you already have a business’s phone number saved in your address book, the name you will see is the name you have saved in your address book,” the company said in its post, recently.

Specifically, According to WhatsApp, “Some business accounts have been verified by WhatsApp. If you see a green badge next to a contact’s name, it means that WhatsApp has confirmed that the phone number of this contact belongs to a business account”.

In case you don’t have a business’ phone number stored in your address book, you will see the name that the business has chosen for its own self inside the app. Also, in case you don’t want any business to bother you on WhatsApp, you will always have the option to block them, just like any other contact. A popular whatsapp leak blog, which first spotted the feature, has pointed out in this post that with the release of 2.17.285 version of the Android beta app, the way in which users can view a business account and the information that is available, has been revealed.

WhatsApp badge

The report also mentions that the new “Business Info” section, which can be seen in the image above, will come with information like the address of the business, the real name of the business, the Instagram account of the business, the mail address of the business, and its website.

According to the report I got,  WhatsApp has updated its servers to improve the synchronisation of your contact numbers. In case there is a business contact in your address book, it reportedly will not download that contact again.

August 28, 2017 2 comments
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Today, I’ll show you a working way to hack someone’s WhatsApp on your android phone. Please do not abuse this post, you are responsible for your actions. Hack whatsapp for good reasons.

Whatsapp has grown to be the most used social media app around actually. But, if you do not trust someone, theres one way to check.

Want to watch over your children or someone you need to monitor? Today’s post is revealing how to. There are several fake WhatsApp spy apps that can damage your phone, but today, Ill show you a working one for FREE and teach you how it works in case you want to build a similar app. The name of this app is WHATSWEB FOR WHATSAPP and you can download it here

After downloading, you would be able to use it.


To hack whatsapp , follow the pictorial instructions

Whatsapp Hack



WhatWeb help you monitor chat messages and control whatsapp account from your mobile,
Also it help you open the same Whatsapp account on two different phones, in other word clone any whatsapp account you want.
With WhatWeb You can monitor your child, wife, girlfriend Whatsapp account only by scanning the Qr Code and Abracadabra !!! the Whatsapp account is yours to see there contacts, chats, videos and pictures.

What you can do by WhatWeb:

✓ Read chat Messages.
✓ Send chat Messages.
✓ See what people sending chats.
✓ Change Profile Picture.
✓ Change Profile Status.
✓ Download Images.
✓ Forward Images
✓ Download Videos.
✓ Forward Videos.
✓ Send Audio Records.

All what you have to do to Hack whatsapp:
Download and install WhatWeb from Play Store on your Android Smartphone or Tablet then just scan the WhatWeb QR code from your smartphone to clone the WhatsApp and that’s all.


  • Multi Client now available
  • Fixed Android Nougat Error
  • Now you can control two WhatsApp accounts
  • Some Bugs Fixed
  • Audio records supported
  • Now Screenshots Appear in Gallery
  • Stability and readability improves

Download App below



June 16, 2017 0 comment
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Based on a question asked on My WhatsApp Group for geeks, I’m showing you how to get whatsapp to work on any BB10 device, because the native Whatsapp given on the Blackberry World isn’t goo enough and would soon close.

This post is about how to get whatsapp for BB19 devices, such as Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, Blackberry Passport, Priv and other phones that are combination of blackberry and android (called Bb10 phones). I have known this trick for a long time, and I thought it was a normal thing. It’s the same method that I use for my sister’s Blackberry Passport and the whatsapp was as cool as as if it were an android device!

It’s a bit of a work around, but it’s fairly straightforward and means you’ll be able to run the Android version of WhatsApp on your BlackBerry. There is the Method one and method two [ps2id id=’Method2′ target=”/]

Method One:

Here we show you how to download WhatsApp to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone using the free software Snap. Snap allows you install Android apps to your phone as though they have been downloaded from the Google Play Store. Snap is free, and that’s cool!

But, to download Snap, we’ll first show you how to download Sachesi, a free firmware management tool that stays between Snap and your phone. Snap acts like an app when it’s on your phone, but you have to use this workaround to download it.


Step 1 – Plug your device into your PC or Mac

Plug your BB10 device (Z10, Q10, Z30, Passport, DTEK50 etc) into your PC or Mac. You don’t need to be running any sort of management software, it just needs to be connected.

Step 2 – Open or install Google Chrome

This method can only be done in Google Chrome. Open Chrome, or click here to install it.

Step 3 – Download the Snap file

Now you have to download the Snap .bar file from Snap’s website.

Click here to go to the download page.

Select which pricing tier you’d like at this point. Even if you go for the free option, you have to enter your name and billing address.

How to get WhatsApp working for BB10

Then tap Get Snap.

Complete all the onscreen prompts until you reach the screen that says Download Now:

How to get whatsapp working for BB10- www.tomjoetech.net

The download will complete, but you don’t need to open it. Just drag it from your download folder to your desktop folder.

Step 4 – Download and open Sachesi

Next you must download the free Sachesi firmware onto your PC or Mac. This allows you to move the Snap .bar file onto your BB10 device.

Click here to go to the download page.

We downloaded Sachesi 2.0.3 for Mac. This is file name with OS X in it. There are options for Windows too:

How to get Working Whatsapp for BB10 - www.tomjoetech.net

Click on the file and wait for it to download. Once the download is finished, click it and open it in the file viewer. If it’s a .zip file, make sure to unzip it first.

When Sachesi is open it should look like this:

How to get whatsapp working for bb10

Step 5 – Install the Snap file onto your device

Here, if you haven’t already, go into your downloads folder and drag the Snap .bar file onto your desktop.

From here, make sure Sachesi is open on the Install tab, then simply click, drag and drop the Snap .bar file into the list.

You’ll see a progress circle as the file loads onto Sachesi – it’s transferring Snap onto your phone. Leave it till it’s at 100%.

Be careful not to do anything else with the Sachesi app – immediately exit the program on your computer. If you’re not a developer, you shouldn’t change anything else.


Step 5 – Download WhatsApp using Snap

This is where you switch to your phone. Unlpug it from the computer and you will see that Snap is now appearing as an app on your phone’s home screen.

Tap it to open, and if you agree to the permissions it asks for, tap OK.

You’ll now have to sign in using your Google account information. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one here.

From here, tap on Search in the bottom right corner and type in, and search, for ‘WhatsApp’.

Once selected, tap Download.

When the download is complete, tap Open Installer.

You’ll then be faced with the below screen, with a disclaimer explaining how the app is from a source other than BlackBerry World app store or the also BlackBerry 10-supported Amazon Appstore. If you are happy with the disclaimer, click Install.

At this point, you’ll be prompted to go into app settings:


You must then turn on ‘Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed’. Then tap back in the lower left of the screen – then tap Install again. WhatsApp will download now, so accept the permissions the app requires if you are happy to do so.

Once the download is complete, tap Open at the top right of your screen.

The app now opens! Hooray. BB10 will even give you the below prompt if the app displays weirdly, but we didn’t have to change anything.

How to setup whatsapp for bb10 devices

Step 6 – Setup WhatsApp

You can now set up WhatsApp on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone following the app’s onscreen instructions.


Just before the second methods, see Roms for Infinix phones

Method Two: ‘the simple 5-minutes install method:

I’ll give his method 2 the alias ‘the simple 5 minutes install method’, because it would take you a maximum of 5minutes to get your whatsaoo up and running. This method is safer and you do not need a PC/ Mac. This method is by installing important google aoos on your blackberry 10 phone. Dont rush- follow my lead!

Download the 4 files listed below to your Blackberry device by clicking on the download links. Then install and run the files in the described order. Make sure that you have allowed installation of 3rd party apps in Blackberry settings -> App Manager -> App installation. Read the tips in the FAQ if you encounter any problems during installation process.

Step 1: Install Google Play Services
Install com.google.android.gms. This step is very important – you won’t be able to login if this file is missing.

Step 2: Add a Google system account to your device
Install com.google.android.gsf.login-4.3.3.apk. Run the app and login with your Google credentials. The app will close (minimize) if the step completed successfully (may take a few seconds). You should now be able to see your Google account in Blackberry Settings -> Accounts -> Third Party Accounts.

If you want to use the patched Google Play Services (which is NOT the same as Google Play Store), you need to install com.google.android.gsf.login-4.4.4.apk AFTER you first successfully logged in with Google Login 4.3.3. Keep in mind that Google Login 4.4.4 only works together with Google Play Services.

If you are uncertain what to do, or if you don’t understand the text above, use Google Login 4.3.3 to login.

Step 3: Register your device with Google Play
Install cobalt.blackberry.googleID. Run the app and register your device with Google Play. Close the app after successfull registration.

Step 4: Install Google Play Store
Install com.android.vending. Run and enjoy the Play Store!

All 4 apps MUST remain installed on your device otherwise Google Play store will not work.


Google Play Services

Google Account Manager

Blackberry Google ID

Google Play Store

That’s it! You will now have access to the Play Store on your BlackBerry phone. You can now download, update, and purchase apps with your phone. Please note that not every app will run on the BlackBerry. But, you can search for whatsapp, download it and install it.

Review the two methods again.

May 3, 2017 4 comments
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Hello guys! Have you heard of ‘Click to chat?’ It’s a special way of starting a whatsapp chat! Today, I’ll explain it to you!

WhatsApp’s Click to Chat feature allows you to begin a chat with someone without having their phone number saved in your phone’s address book. As long as you know this person’s phone number, you can create a link that will allow you to start a chat with them. By clicking the link, a chat with the person automatically opens. Click to Chat works on both your phone and WhatsApp Web.

To create your own link, use https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone= followed by the person’s full phone number in international format. Omit any zeroes, brackets or dashes when adding the phone number in international format. For a detailed explanation on international numbers, read this article. Please keep in mind that this phone number must have an active account on WhatsApp.



Don’t use: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+234-(817)1234567

To create your own link with a pre-filled message that will automatically appear in the text field of a chat, use https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=whatsappphonenumber&text=urlencodedtext

where whatsappphonenumber is a full phone number in international format and urlencodedtext is the URL-encoded pre-filled message.

Example: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=2348179009837&text=I'm%20interested%20in%20tomjoe%tech%20for%20sale

To create a link with just a pre-filled message, use https://api.whatsapp.com/send?text=urlencodedtext

Example: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?text=I'm%20inquiring%20about%20the%20apartment%20listing

After clicking on the link, you will be shown a list of contacts you can send your message to. Time to start your whatsapp chat.

April 3, 2017 0 comment
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For android developers only- Adding whatsapp to your app.

There are two ways to integrate with WhatsApp:

-Through a custom URL scheme
-Through Android’s intent system.

Custom URL Scheme

WhatsApp provides a custom URL scheme to interact with WhatsApp:

If you have a website and want to open a WhatsApp chat with a pre-filled message, you can use our custom URL scheme to do so. Opening whatsapp://send?text= followed by the text to send, will open WhatsApp, allow the user to choose a contact, and pre-fill the input field with the specified text.

Here is an example of how to write this on your website:

Hello, world!

Android intent system

Like most social apps on Android, WhatsApp listens to intents to share media and text. Simply create an intent to share text, for example, and WhatsApp will be displayed by the system picker:

Intent sendIntent = new Intent();
sendIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_TEXT, "This is my text to send.");

However, if you prefer to share directly to WhatsApp and bypass the system picker, you can do so by using setpackage in your intent:


This would simply be set right before you call startActivity(sendIntent);

Similarly you can use Android’s intent system to send media through WhatsApp, once again, using setPackage to restrict the package to WhatsApp if you only want to send to WhatsApp.

Source: Whatsapp FAq

April 3, 2017 0 comment
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The popular GB whatsapp has a new version. The new  features for this v6.55 are listed in the image below:

Gb whatsapp latest version 6.55-Phonefixer.xyz


  •  Removed the Redirect link when open the whatsapp
  •  Based on 2.17.111 ( Play Store )
  •  Ban proof
  •  supports calls
  •  hide your ( last seen )
  •  privacy mods
  •  themes mods
  •  Theme Server ( to download/apply themes )
  •  Change ticks/bubbles Style Mod
  •  (17) Ticks & (13) Bubbles Styles to choose
  •  counter statistics for groups
  •  media preview without loading
  •  Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen
  •  send video with size 1GB instead of 16MB
  •  send 90 images at once instead of 10
  •  change your status and add to 250 characters instead of 139 characters
  • Other fixes …

Added Features

Date: 31-Mar-2017

• [Base update] 2.17.111
• [Exclusive] Save Stories Videos/Images!!
• [Exclusive] Send any file type (zip, rar, apk, exe, etc..)
• [Exclusive] Pinned Chats (Long click on chat and click pin icon)
• [Added] Load Theme to choose theme (xml) from sdcard
• [Added] Forward icon (option 3.25)
• [Added] Forward Background (option 3.26)
• [Added] Missed Call Text (option 3.27)
• [Added] Missed Call Icon (option 3.28)
• [Added] Missed Call Bubble (option 3.29)
• [Added] Date Divider Text Color (option 3.30)
• [Added] Date Bubble (option 3.31)
• [Added] Participants Color (Option 3.32)
• [Added] Change Quote Colors (Options: 3.1.18, …, 3.1.21)
• [Added] Change Emoji header color (Option 3.1.22)
• [Added] Change Emoji header icons color (Option 3.1.23)
• [Added] Change Emoji picker background color (Option 3.1.24)
• [Added] Support to disable heads-up in Android 7.0+ (Option 1.3.5)
• [Added] WhatsApp Round icon
• [Fixed] Android 7.1.1 Shortcuts
• [Fixed] In-conversation Translation
• [Updated] In-App Language changer Translations
• [] Fixed Crash on some phones
• [] Speed Improvements


March 31, 2017 0 comment
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Following the 6.35 version of Gb whatsapp that has served many of us well, the maker of Gb whatsapp Fouad Mods has released a recent update of GB whatsapp app.

To see the normal features of GB Whatsapp, I would like you to read my post on the previous version on the app which contains the features. The new features included in this update are

  • Addition of more wonderful emojis
    • [Added] Improved Divider Color (Option 3.1.18)
    • [Added] Quoted Name Color (Option 3.1.19)
    • [Added] Quoted Message Color (Option 3.1.20)
    • [Added] Redesigned Background Color (Option 3.1.21)
    • [Added] Participants Color (Option 3.1.22)
    • [Exclusive] Hide View Status/Story Privacy
    • [Exclusive] Set Status video upto 5 minutes!!
    • [Exclusive] Set Profile Picture as wallpaper (Option 3.3.1)
    • [Added] New Emojis
    • [Added] New Story/Status working
  • Whatsapp Story- Tomjoetech.net

    Whatsapp story

  • • [Added] Recent colors
    • [Added] Aranbor Bubbles
    • [New] Stock Conversation entry UI
    • [New] FAB in Status screen
    • [Fixed] ContactStatus showing in groups
    • [Fixed] Always online not working on some phones
    • [Fixed] Online toast not showing unsaved numbers
    • [Fixed] Random Bold text in Home screen
    • [Fixed] Bugs fixes and speed improvements
    • [Improved] Change Lock wallpaper (Option 6.0.6)
    • [] Both old Status (text) and new Status (Story) enabled.
  • The feature of being able to send an unsaved number a whatsapp message. (someone that is not in your Contacts list)Gb Whatsapp v6.40 Gb Whatsapp v6.40

These are the great features of this new version of the app!.

Why don’t you download it now? Download it below!



Also read- How To hack Whatsapp accounts

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