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Today, I’ll show you a working way to hack someone’s WhatsApp on your android phone. Please do not abuse this post, you are responsible for your actions. Hack whatsapp for good reasons.

Whatsapp has grown to be the most used social media app around actually. But, if you do not trust someone, theres one way to check.

Want to watch over your children or someone you need to monitor? Today’s post is revealing how to. There are several fake WhatsApp spy apps that can damage your phone, but today, Ill show you a working one for FREE and teach you how it works in case you want to build a similar app. The name of this app is WHATSWEB FOR WHATSAPP and you can download it here

After downloading, you would be able to use it.


To hack whatsapp , follow the pictorial instructions

Whatsapp Hack



WhatWeb help you monitor chat messages and control whatsapp account from your mobile,
Also it help you open the same Whatsapp account on two different phones, in other word clone any whatsapp account you want.
With WhatWeb You can monitor your child, wife, girlfriend Whatsapp account only by scanning the Qr Code and Abracadabra !!! the Whatsapp account is yours to see there contacts, chats, videos and pictures.

What you can do by WhatWeb:

✓ Read chat Messages.
✓ Send chat Messages.
✓ See what people sending chats.
✓ Change Profile Picture.
✓ Change Profile Status.
✓ Download Images.
✓ Forward Images
✓ Download Videos.
✓ Forward Videos.
✓ Send Audio Records.

All what you have to do to Hack whatsapp:
Download and install WhatWeb from Play Store on your Android Smartphone or Tablet then just scan the WhatWeb QR code from your smartphone to clone the WhatsApp and that’s all.


  • Multi Client now available
  • Fixed Android Nougat Error
  • Now you can control two WhatsApp accounts
  • Some Bugs Fixed
  • Audio records supported
  • Now Screenshots Appear in Gallery
  • Stability and readability improves

Download App below



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