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Hello people. As we all know that etisalat has changed to 9mobile  (click here to see why), I thought there should be a “form of compesation” to customers and a strategy the 9mobile network should put up to make sure they get more users. Well, your guess is correct as they now offer new subscribers 1o times their recharges and their existing subscribers 7 times their recharges.

get free etisalat airtime

  • for new customers: get 10 times the value* of your recharge daily for voice calls and data to all networks in the first month.
  • for existing customers**: get 7 times the value* of your first recharge daily for voice calls only to all networks for 30days. just dial *819*1# to enjoy this offer.


*voice bonus valid for 7 days and data bonus valid for 1 day. 

**for existing customers on easystarter, easycliq, talkzone and cliqlite.

new customers also get 7 times the value of your first recharge daily for voice calls only to all networks in the 2nd and 3rd month.

Now, to the main gist,


It’s easy; just follow these simple steps:

1. Get a new 9mobile line, and

  1. Dial *819*1# to activate the service
  2. Load N1000 artime on your 9mobile sim
  3. Your main balance would be N10000, so the free airtime = N10000-N1000= N9000.


2. If you’re an existing subscriber, follow these steps instead:

  • Dial *819*1# to activate the service
  • Load N1000 artime on your 9mobile sim
    • Your main balance would be N7000, meaning that you got N6000 free airtime!




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As I posted earlier(here), Etisalat was going to leave Nigeria, but I was not shre if it was going to be like the Zain to Airtel transition, or the NITEL removal. Now, it’s clear that proir to the change of their board of directors right after Etisalat severed its tiers with Etisalat Nigeria after an unpaid incurred debt, Etisalat would now be going by the name – 9mobile!etisalat logo

I don’t have the 9mobile logo yet- This information is still fresh. Newsmen gathered that Olusanya who was appointed as the chief executive officer of Etisalat Nigeria to oversee the transition of the company due to his experience in the smooth transition of Celtel to Airtel may have come with this new name considering the need for a change of name.

ThisdayLive has a detailed reports of the meeting.

The new brand name was decided at a meeting held in Lagos by Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services (EMTS), which had been trading as Etisalat Nigeria before the withdrawal of Abu-Dhabi-based Emirates Telecommunications Group Company (Etisalat Group) as a shareholder in the Nigerian telecommunications.

EMTS on Tuesday had proposed the name change to its customers and assured them that the change would not affect its operations in any way.

Although EMTS was yet to officially make the name change known to the public, sources close to the network operator said EMTS does not intend to announce the change with much fanfare.
Etisalat Nigeria had said it would soon change to a new brand identity that would reflect its new aspirations and philosophy.

But even as Etisalat Nigeria moves forward with a new brand identity, its rescue has put its lenders in a quandary as they prepare for half-year results due this month.

Most crucially, the banks do not know whether to make provision for loans to the company until they can work out its value.

A banking source told Reuters that the lenders first wanted to determine Etisalat Nigeria’s free cashflow to help them value its business before deciding on whether to impair the assets on their balance sheets or hold on to find new investors.

“No bank is talking about restructuring right now, but it might get to that later once we are able to ascertain the true value of the company,” the source told Reuters.

Nigerian regulators intervened last week to save Etisalat Nigeria, the country’s fourth-largest mobile operator, from collapse and prevent lenders from placing the telecoms firm in receivership, prompting a board and management change.
Banks involved in the loan deal include Zenith Bank, GT Bank, First Bank, UBA, Fidelity Bank, Access Bank, Ecobank, FCMB, Stanbic IBTC Bank and Union Bank. Results are due from this month.

GT Bank with $138 million in outstanding loans and Access Bank with $131 million are among the most exposed to Etisalat Nigeria- What a whopping figure!

“We think that by the time the new management settles in, makes some changes and reduces costs, the company might bounce back,” the source said, adding that he expected support from the central bank, which has sought to avoid Etisalat Nigeria’s collapse from sparking a wider debt crisis.

The banks collected half of their interest payment for May from Etisalat so that the new team running the company has funds to keep it operating, the source said.

And any provisioning may not kick in until the next quarter.
“Given the understanding that Etisalat’s debt was performing till the end of the first quarter we believe the banks … might be required to make provisions in the second quarter,” Head of Research at Vetiva Capital Olalekan Olabode said.
“Rather than converting the debt to equity, we expect to see a restructuring in the near term,” he added.

So, hopefully, 9mobile would be able to efficiently clear the debts in this term.

Share your thoughts below:

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Hello guys. Etisalat would soon be history in the Nigerian telecommunications market.

Telecoms group Etisalat has terminated a management agreement with its Nigerian arm and given the business time to phase out the Etisalat brand in Nigeria, the chief executive of Etisalat International told Reuters on Monday.

Nigerian regulators intervened last week to save Etisalat Nigeria from collapse after talks with its lenders to renegotiate a $1.2 billion loan failed.

Etisalat Nigeria took out the loan with 13 local lenders in 2013 to refinance an existing loan and fund expansion but struggled to repay four years later.

Asked whether Etisalat would consider entering Nigeria again, Dowidar said: “The train has left the station on that one. Being in that market as an investor … are we willing to risk more money compared to the reward for the long-term?”

The CEO said Etisalat had been unsuccessful at converting some of its dollar debt to local Nigerian currency. He also said the group might exit or merge with a local rival in markets where it was not one of the top two players. He did not specify which markets. He said all UAE shareholders of Etisalat Nigeria, including state-owned investment fund Mubadala, had exited the company and left the board and management.etisalat

“Etisalat is among the top two in markets such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt and Afghanistan,” he said.

“(Nigerian) lenders may try to continue to operate the company until they find a buyer (or) they may merge the company with the existing players in Nigeria.

Do you know Samsung wants to sell Note7 as a refurbished phone?

“The brand agreement in either of these two scenarios won’t be a long-term thing, so we take out the brand; in the long term Etisalat won’t be in Nigeria.”

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It’s so sad that the beloved Etisalat Free browsing via Tweakware app has been discontinued. All connections stopped from 12:30am this morning. (Used around 3.5gb yesterday alone)

However, as many as used it really enjoyed the speed and stability. These were the reasons for Etisalat finding out about the Etisalat free unlimited browsing cheat and blocking it:

1. Many people were posting screenshots of their tweakware used data on several social network, and jt is really unwise

2. Many amateur bloggers were posting it and we’re putting the links in all social networks.
We hope to be expecting a MTN cheat soon after this  Etisalat free unlimited browsing, but when it arrives, this would be a sure bus stop to get it.

March 18, 2017 0 comment
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Here and now, I bring to you a new free browsing cheat for Etisalat users using the Tweakware application. This app tunnels your browsing and makes you access blocked sites. With the latest version installed, you can enjoy unlimited browsing experience on your Etisalat sim for free!! . Enjoy etisalat free browsing cheatetisalat free browsing cheat

Download the  Tweakware app here(v5.8)

After downloading, to experience unlimited access. , you’ll need to buy a premium account of Tweakware on their portal . After creating an account, simply buy a one month subscription plan for #500 and login with your account details in tweakware.



– Download the latest Tweakware VPN app from PlayStore or HERE

– After installing, go to ‘SETTINGS’ and click on ‘REMOTE TWEAK’ to start the installation process.

(Make sure you have a working internet connection. You can subscribe to any cheap data plan e.g 100MB etisalat data plan or connect to any wifi or use your existing data. 1MB is just enough.)

– After installation is finished, go back to the home screen and select the ‘REMOTE TWEAK’ option.

– Click on CONNECT to start connecting Tweakware and wait for it to get connected.

This Remote Tweak Is Removed If You “force Close” the app Or “exit” the app Or Reboot Your Phone. In That Case You Have To Redo The Above steps Again To Get The Remote Settings Back.

If You Get Error Of “remote Tweak Installation Failed” Even When You Have Working Internet Data Then It Is Possible That The Remote Tweak Server is Down. You Can Try Again Later Or After A Few Hours.

-* You Need A Premium/upgrade Account To Use Tweakware For Android Or You Can Use The Free Servers Without Upgrade/payment But You Will Be Limited To 350mb Per Day On Free Servers. upgrading To Premium Costs Only #500 And Gives Access To All The Servers Without Any Daily Limit.

Note that I had already posted this etisalat free browsing cheat on the official tomjoetech WhatsApp group immediately I got it in the afternoon.

Join Tomjoetech.net whatsapp group for live updates. Note that the group is strictly tech.. Ask questions and get help. Learn and teach. But, no links are allowed.

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After a lot of research work on Etisalat and difficulties in setting psiphon, you can now browse and download unlimited even without the use of tweakware premium servers. This is a very easy stuff to do, so dont get confused.. All these are to be gotten to enjoy this stuff

1. A rooted android device, you can root your phone using kingroot. Download it here ..

You only need to root your phone in this case if you want to use more than 200mb per day.
Note that you’ll need small data to root, about (3-5mb) , especially if your device is not common. If you do not know how to use kingroot, watch the tutorial above.
2. Tweakware 3.0 here
 after installing, open your tweakware
press settings at the tp right corner
press bundled settings
tick use bundled settings
select etisalat bb10..

Change your access point from etisalat to blackberryx.net.
Then, i advice you to rather buy the daily plan as this lasts longer..  Simply send DMID to 399.
Turn on your data connection and click connect on free server..
You can use android id changer to generate ids once you exhaust the 200mb daily limit..
Drop your testimonies

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lot of us are busy rocking the MTN 0.0 with your Pronet, Psiphon, Sypon Shield and whatever
vpn you are using but this one is just an update to those still using Etisalat chatpak/social with Psiphon to surf the net. Proxy Servers like facebook.com and instagram.com, twitter.com
are currently down, but we still have few handy active proxy servers, which can
be used to surf via Etisalat Social Me/ChatPak tweak without  using any host address (IP).

Just use input the working servers below
to get you back online with your Psiphon;

Proxy servers



Real proxy port:Use either 3128 or 80, although i prefer 3128

Launch your sypon shield application as its the best for this tweak, and
change the proxy server with any of the working servers provided above.
Remember to tick “Remove Port” box
and select “Real Host” as proxy
type. On the Real Proxy type, select Inject.

 In the more options, Click ‘connect through an http proxy’ and tick ‘use system network settings’.

Go to phone settings, more, mobile networks, access point names. Click on the first one and just make sure ‘Proxy’ and ‘Port‘ fields are left empty. APn type: 
If you can click them, click default,supl,mms,wap.
If you have to type , type: default,mms,supl,wap    (no spaces or capital letters)
Then you can now subscribe to the Etisalat social me plan. The weekly one is 300naira. Code to dial is *200*3*4*2*1#(for the daily plan) and *200*3*4*2*2# (for the weekly plan).
Any comments or questions, use the comment box below… 
Use phillipines as your region as this is very fasssssttttttttttt 
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