Download System Tweaker Pro app- paid version of a geek’s toolbox

Hello guys. Today, I’m talking about a very great app that’s useful for tweaking the functionality of your android phone and making your phone truly yours by designing it to your taste- but this app requires root permission, of course.

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system tweaker

Speeding up your device has never been so easy. With this program you can really speed up your device, increase power saving and etc. The app requires Root,Busybox and init.d support. Before using the program, make system backup-just in case.

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  • optimized for all devices based on Android 4.0 and above
  • has a lot of settings and functions (see below)
  • has a nice Material Design style, beautiful animations
  • no ads
  • frequent updates with new features and fixes
  • very easy, fast, does not load the system, does not work in the background
  • Speeding up your device in one click
  • Battery Calibration
  • SD Card Read/Write fix
  • DPI Changer
  • Kernel Tuner
  • change min. and max. frequencies
  • change Governor-а
  • change I/O Sheduler-а
  • KSM control (the kernel must support this feature)
  • ZRAM control (the kernel must support this feature)
  • fast charge control (the kernel must support this feature)
  • multi-core power management
  • speeding up sdcard read/write speed
  • Shutdown and restart manager
  • Battery Tweaks
  • disable logging
  • Power Supply control
  • Power Collapse control
  • Wifi power saving
  • sensors sleep control
  • VM battery tweaks.

Download this amazing app below:


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