Suggest A New Website name for me!

Hello dear readers. I am about to jump over an hurdle in my blogging career and at this point, I am open to suggestions, criticisms and advices. The point is that I plan to change my web hosting and domain name(don’t worry if you don’t understand the terms). domain

There are many reasons I want to change my website. I am listing them so you would understand it with me. Although it is a hard decision as this name now ranks high on search engines and Changing it would have to affect my contents and stuffs. This change is permanent- Am not changing it after this anymore and this change is not because of a blocked AdSense domain name(if you think so), because my AdSense is running well and fine.

Why I need a new domain name

  1. This domain name sounds weird
  2. This domain name looks as if this site centres only around phone repairs
  3. This name is not representing all my services (it might work for you tho)
  4. This name is not looking legit or official
  5. This name looks inferior, because of the .xyz extension
  6. My domain and hosting registrar is too expensive
  7. I need a domain name that can be permanent

Readers, please use the comments section to suggest domain names that I should use

 The best commenter with the best domain name suggestion gets #500 or a tweakware premium account or a dollar airtime worth.

I know my readers are smart, so this is the time to win a free airtime for helping me. Thanks

Note: It should be a dot com domain (ending with .com).

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