How To Revive The Speed Of A Slow Mac

Hello guys. I came across an adage that says “How do you make a slow Mac faster than ever? By cleaning up the software and improving the hardware!” That was on a lighter mood tho. To make your low/ laggy Macbook fast again, youll just need to follow simple steps;

1. Update or reinstall macOS

There’s a common wrong mindset that newer versions of software are automatically more resource intensive than older versions. While that can sometimes be the case, the truth is there are so many bug fixes and performance enhancements in software updates that it’s almost always worth your while to download and install them.Sometimes new features are even added, like the storage tools in macOS Sierra, that can really help you remove cruft and improve the performance of your Macbook.


2.Upgrade your memory

Once upon a time, almost all Macs let you flip them upside down and swap smaller RAM sticks for bigger ones. Not so anymore. In an effort to save space, RAM has been off-boarded and integrated, which also makes it all but impossible for customers to swap.Some Macs, though, are more easily upgradable. For example, you can upgrade the memory in an iMac without too much work.More RAM means you can keep more apps and data “live” in memory, which is faster than swapping out to disk each time, hereby inducing a fast operating speed. Wise people  typically try to buy as much RAM as they think they’ll need right up front, and with memory compression and faster drives, memory constraints aren’t what they used to be. But, if you have an older Mac that you never maxed out, more RAM remains one of the best ways to speed up the hardware.tomjoetech

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These days it’s almost impossible to buy a new Mac that doesn’t come with solid state storage, increasingly in chip-form welded straight onto the motherboard. If you have an older Mac with an older, mechanical hard drive, one of the most significant speed boosts you can give it is going solid state. SSDs simply offer much faster, much more reliable performance, especially over the old 5200rpm laptop drives of yore.

Luckily, older Macs with hard drives are also older Macs with more easily replaced drives. So, if you do nothing else to speed up your older Mac, give it — and yourself! — the gift of an SSD.



Over time a lot of cruft can accumulate on your system, including old apps, files, utilities, and more that you just don’t use anymore. They take up space, split up storage sectors, insert themselves into the startup process, and otherwise bog you down. It might not be much but taken together it can be enough that you notice.

macOS Sierra now includes Optimize Storage, a tool that lets you see what’s eating up your space and ditch it if you no longer need it. You can also right/ctrl-click through the apps in your Dock and remove the Option > Open at Login to help speed up your boot up.There are four features to Optimized Storage that you can enable separately or altogether. You can Store in iCloud, Optimize Storage, Empty Trash Automatically, and Reduce Clutter.

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If you find spelunking through the file system to be difficult or less than enjoyable, there’s also an app for that. I don’t use it often because I’m always scared I’ll remove the wrong thing, but if you know what you’re looking for and just want a faster way to find it, CleanMyMac has a visual interface that can help make things easier.

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