How To Rank High On Google And Search Engines

Today, we’ll look at some blogging tips and talk about the proven ways to rank high on Google and search engines. These are the latest SEO techniques.Seo Rank high on Google and search engines

The tricks are not found on the surface- not everyone uses it- hence the dinstinction between blogs. I have a full PDF on this exact topic, so I’ll say this post is just an excerpt from the comprehensive PDF.

When you put so much efforts into your blog and you see no positive response in terms of comments, low views and no recognition of google, it can be painful- I know. Without further wasting of time,  Lets go into the article!

Backlinks- The Crazy Advantage

What are backlinks? Backlinks are link-back to your sites. That should already give you a basic understanding of the concept of backlinks. Averagely, the top 2 results on page 1 of Google equated to having 38% of all your backlinks from pages on page 1. Lets be realistic here- Having A Great content isn’t enough- you have to ‘climb-up’ through domains who are up already. In fact, a recent data showed that, on average, webpages ranking #1 had over 168% more linking domains than the webpages ranking at #5. Backlinks or Inbound Links (IBL’s) are links that are directed towards your website and are the building blocks to good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The number of backlinks you have is a good popularity indicator.

At a point in my blogging career, I paused articles and I went into the world of fetching backlinks. To start moving forward, you need a tool like Ahrefs to analyze your ratio of backlinks to linking domains to make sure you rank high in Google and search engines. Google is in the business of serving up the websites that their users want, and when you have other websites that are  recommending your website or blog, that means your website must be what the users want- simple!

Where to Get Helpful Backlinks From

Here comes the issue. Its easy ro know the power behind backlinks. You may want to know how to fetch backlinks from quality sources. Well, its not difficult- There are so many websites with High Page Authority and Domain authority, two important ranks that are derived from domain age, visits and seo. You cant get the same advantage from getting backlinks from a blog that was created few months ago as the same you would get from Wikipedia. In the full pdf I wrote on this topic, I made a long list of 59 blogs with high Domain authority that you can get high backlinks from. Getting the pdf would help you get this ‘classified information’!

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The Hidden Power of Social Media And Forums

If you’ve got a blog or a website and you don’t have an Instagram account, a Facebook Page and a Twitter account (at least), you are just joking! We all know how Coca Cola, SamsungMobile, Pepsi and Samsung have built enormous social media followings, but what if you’re not a huge brand yet? How about if you’ve just set up a blog?

Something worthy of note is that you need to decide on which social networks are going to be the right ones for your content- You can’t just use everything! When a blog post goes viral on Twitter, do those new links boost the post’s search ranking? The main thing to consider is who your target market is and what type of content you’ll be creating online. Don’t underestimate the power of good imagery, or at least consistent imagery. I have noticed that social media profiles are often amongst the top results in search listings for brand names

Within channels like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, image-led posts have a much greater engagement rate than any other. Want more explanations? Get my PDF!

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URL Link Structure

The page title and URL are two of only a small number of elements that are present for a user to view within the search engine results page. What is a Url- you may ask?     A URL (Uniform Resource Locator), more commonly known as a “website address”, tells us the location of a certain resource (such as a web page) on the web. URLs should not use underscores, spaces, or any other characters to separate words; only hyphens should be used between words. While search engines give weight to the authority of the overall domain itself, keyword use in a URL can also act as a ranking factor.Rank high on google and search engines 2017 While using a URL that includes keywords can improve your site’s search visibility, URLs themselves generally do not have a major impact on a page’s ability to rank. Just by seeing only the URL, a user, or search engine should have a basic idea of what to expect on the page. Although URLs can include numbers and signs, the best practice is to use the words that people can easily understand. Use lowercase letters. In some cases, uppercase letters can cause issues with duplicate pages. For  example,


might be seen as two separate links, which might create issues with duplicate content- not too good for SEO at all.

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This is a very important SEO aspect and I really explained it well in the pdf I made on this topic.

Keywords in Links

keywords in the URL show up in search results, and research has shown that the URL is one of the most prominent elements searchers consider when selecting which site to click.

Some people just don’t get it. Sometimes they write out their URL slugs to be  or I see a so-called webmaster wih a permalink like If such a link existed, I feel honored to tell uou PLAINLY that it would never be anywhere next the first 4pages of google! It’s just gibberish and nonsense.

Short Links VS Long Links

Shorter URLs are preferable. You don’t need to take this to the extreme. If your URL is already less than 50-60 characters, don’t worry about it at all. But if you have URLs pushing 100+ characters, please think about changing the url. Google indexing a long link is not the problem; the problem is with user experience. Which of these links would you rather click:



You’ll see the first one as legit, wouldn’t you?

Overstuffing- The SEO Killer

Google and Bing have moved far beyond algorithms that positively reward a keyword appearing multiple times in the URL. Overstuffing means writing the keywords in too many places in the post. Ok, lets take the post as a mathematical number line. To be balanced, the SEO should be on the zero mark. Overstuffing is at the extreme right and not putting the keywords on the left. It must be balanced. Keyword stuffing and repetition are pointless and make your site look spammy and of low quality.

Note that this post isn’t complete- the PDF of this topic is! So enjoy the full contents by getting a copy of the pdf.

Kindly add anything i have omitted in the comment box and let’s talk.

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