You Would Need This To Know What Phone To Buy

Hello guys. Many of us in Nigeria are not unfamiliar with infinix phones in Nigeria- From the Hot Series, to the Zero series and to the Note series. Their quality products nowadays seem to be almost better than their counterparts, including Huawei, Tecno, Samsung, Gionee, HTC . Below are the features you would want in your phone, so choose wisely



Many infinix phones have light weights, and the lightest (feather-weight) is Infinix Zero 2, which i have personally used and known well, so i would use it as a reference point when talking about weight in this context.

I compared the weight of Infinix Zero 2 and i found out that its entire weight was far lighter than the battery of Tecno L8 plus (I took out the removable battery of the L8 plus).

Apart from the Zero2, other infinix phones are known to be lighter than ‘their Size’s weight’. An example is the Hot 2- Which is also light, compared to tecno phones of same sizes. This is a noticable positive trend the Infinix Phone Makers are showing. So, my Infinix Hero in terms of light weight is the Infinix Zero 2



2. Battery capacity:

Another enviable and common specs in latest infinix products is their wonderful battery capacity /life..

Users of Hot 4 and all its variants can testify to this, as Hot 4 has 4000mAh and Hot 4 pro has 4500mAh.

Something i noticed is that the battery life of infinix phones is better than that of tecno phones, because Hot 2 with 2500mAh battery is better than tecno H7 (longer) and other phones (including samsung in its price range) , so my hero in thos aspect is hot 4 pro, which çan go on 36hours with browsing and streaming. The hot 4 i use runs a full day and some hours of maximum use (say 33hours in total), so on a normal use point of view, itll last for almost 3 days without charge.




I don’t believe in all those tag names they give their screens eg Gorilla glass etc cos most of the so-called ones are very weak. From Experience, infinix phones dont scratch(eg when you use a sharp object to strike the screen), and infinix phones have strong screens , and they are affordable to replace, unlike the samsung ones whose screen prices can buy two tecno phones eg S5 (39k) s4 (32k) etc. So my hero here again is infinix in terms of strength, but Tecno in terms of replacement price, cos tecno phones have screens cheaper to replace.



And that is one area samsung made a mistake! Anyways phones with large internal storage spaces are usually fron Infinix(16gb and 32gb), Gionee, latest tecnos , htc and samsung expensive phones like s5, s6. No hero here.



Here is another important feature.. We all know that samsung phones have  have great cameras.. But infinix phones like the Hot 4 Pro , Hot S, Tecno Phantom 6 (costly) are also trying hard. In short, comparing an Infinix phone with a Samsung phone (on the same price level),on most cases, the formee would take the lead. But, Samsung is my hero here.






In conclusion, Infinix Phones are realy good as at now, and I recommend Infinix Hot 4 Pro , but samsung Phones have a more trusted trademark, however expensive to maintain. So choose wisely

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