NTEL LTE launched! Claim your number today!

Now, a new LTE network has been launched. It would have been a monopolistic market if not for spectranet lte, swift lte and the likes.. NTEL is the name. The way i am looking at it, this would be a great network and i cant wait to get mine, but lets just wait and see. According to the announcement, the first
batch of subscribers (hundreds of thousands) to reserve their numbers
on the network, and subsequently SIM-activate after launch, will be
recognized as Pioneers on Nigeria’s newest mobile network marking them
out as among the first to reap the company’s promise of abundant
broadband on it’s pure-play Advanced 4G/LTE network.He said although the company acquired some base transceiver stations
(BTS) from the old NITEL, it also entered partnership agreement with IHS
and Helios Towers, builders of BTS and other telecoms infrastructure,
to roll out 600 base stations for the commercial rollout in Lagos and
Abuja, with plans to extend the rollout plan to Port Harcourt with
additional 200 BTS, also known as base stations.
Natcoms had last year paid $252.52
million to acquire the assets of the defunct first national operator
(NITEL), to begin commercial operation on its mobile network. Noting
that despite the growth of the telecoms sector in Nigeria which has seen
voice subscriptions rise from less than 60,000 in 2001 to over 147
million as at 2015, he expressed fears that broadband usage has only
grown by 20 per cent. He said NATCOM has come to fill the gap bringing
Nigerians unfettered access to full mobile broadband both on voice and
data services.
“Over the next four and half years, the
total number of mobile broadband customers alone will be greater than
all of the customers that have come into the market on mobile since its
inception. In other words, we are at a point where a major
transformation is in the making. You will see 168 million mobile
broadband customers coming into existence between now and the end of
2019, which is more than all the mobile customers in both narrow and
broadband that we have seen in the last 15 years.”
In his statement announcing the opportunity, Kamar Abass, CEO of ntel, said;
‘ntel is a proudly Nigerian company that
is fully committed to empowering Nigerians through a technologically
advanced pure-play 4G/LTE network. We are offering Pioneer status to the
first batch of subscribers on our network. Those who reserve their
numbers, and subsequently SIM-activate with us, will be the vanguard of a
select corps of privileged subscribers.’

How Can I Choose my Own Personalize Ntel Number?

  • Go to ntel.com.ng
  • Click on Reserve your number
  • Choose your own number
  • Fill in necessary information in the field available and Ntel will
    contact you to come pick up your personalize number when its ready to
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Ntel 4G LTE will make a lot of sense. I am
just pretty concern about how their data prices will look like. Tell us
if you have successfully chosen your personalize number in the comment. I
have reserved my special number all the way.

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