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Ntel About to Lose Customers?Reading time: 3 minutes

Hmm. Who doesn’t like cheap data? Who doesn’t love free data? Who doesn’t love Ntel 4g?. Anyone in Lagos, port Harcourt or Abuja would have probably heard of the network called ntel. But how many people know that they are experiencing a hard time now and there are some things they haven’t made known publicly properly, that you might need to find out. Here’s the place to find out if nTel is about to be dumped by many Nigerians.

Ntel 4g is a Nigerian telecommunications company which provides 4G/LTE-Advanced network that delivers superfast call-connect times, crystal clear Voice-over-LTE and extraordinarily high internet access speed blah blah blah. The truth of the matter is, majority of those using Ntel (including me, so I’m talking from firsthand experience) have a lot of stories to tell.

What attracted many Nigerians to Ntel?

  1. Cheap Data
  2. Ease to buy and activate bundles
  3. Fast and wonderful customer care available to resolve issues
  4. Once again, the bundles were very cheap

Why is Ntel 4g data provider most likely about to lose customers?

  • The data plan rates have been ‘lowkey’ reduced. Now, you can only get 6gb for 2000 naira whereas before, you could get that same 6gb for 500naira. That is like times 4 of the way it used to be. Note that this change affects all customers, including WAWU sim (a special type of Ntel sim) owners.
  • It is very hard to activate a bundle. Look at examples of what subscribers now have to go through on Twitter, which is the only available option of activating your data after buying on Quickteller; you get replied anytime you like.
  • Their call lines don’t go through: The 0700-NTEL-CARE that used to go through, which was a very good innovation stopped working around September last year. Nowadays, the best you hear is 6seconds of silence and a ‘Goodbye’ when you press any number to speak with an agent after calling. So the best you could do is to send aj email and, or tweet. But you would be replied whenever they like!
  • Prices have been changed. See the new costs for data on ntel here
  • The online platform for activating your ntel plans have been taken down! That’s sad.
Ntel 4g new data prices
I’ve been in these shoes before
mobile logo

Ntel claims to be Nigeria’s most revolutionary telecommunications company which provides 4G LTE Advanced network that delivers superfast call-connect times, crystal clear Voice over LTE and extraordinarily high internet access speed.

Their aim is to redefine the Nigerian telecommunications landscape and enrich the lives of Nigerians by delivering the most advanced communications technology across the largest possible network coverage in the most effective, valuable and satisfying manner.

Ntel firmly believes that by delivering superb and unparalleled broadband-based mobile services, they can help individuals and enterprises harness the power of connectivity and maximise their potentials.

This belief is pursued and sustained by anchoring their activities on the fundamental LIVE principle- leadership, innovation, value and experience.

The ntel story
The beginning of the ntel story can be traced to the acquisition of core telecom assets previously owned by Nigeria’s national fixed and mobile operators- NiTel/MTel- by NatCom Development & Investment Ltd. (NatCom) in a liquidation process supervised and approved by Nigeria’s Bureau of Public Enterprises and a court-appointed liquidator. This liquidation process was concluded in May, 2015 with the following NiTel/MTel core assets wholly transferred to NatCom:

Operating Licenses:
National carrier, international gateway and mobile.

Cellular on 900/1800/1900 MHz and shared microwave.

Ntel Way out?

Look at this tweet from CPC:

A meeting has been scheduled to hold on the 8th

Truth be told, Ntel 4g network is trying; I mean, a lot of people got the WAWU sim with the hopes that their expensive data troubles were gone forever! It sure did cost them a lot to grant Nigerians the ecstasy, though short lived. But hopefully, a good outcome should be the product of the scheduled meeting, or I’m dropping my sim.

Do you use ntel? What do you think?

Tomiwa Akanbi

Tomiwa is a tech-inclined Engineer and professional phone and PC fixer that is fascinated about Digital Marketing, blogging, phones and other technologies! Enjoy my blog!

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