NEW MTN O.OK on android using ANY VPN APP

Now, the long awaited mtn free vpn browsing is available.. Note that method2 is the surest as at now. Just scroll down. You can use psiphon,sas,openvpn,httpinjector,tweakwaremod etc..,but I personally prescribe psiphon.apk. The link to download this netify is found at the end of this page.

The more options settings should be
Mark connect through http
Mark use the following settings
host is
port is 8080

In case you cant see the photos:
Proxy server:
Real proxy server:
Real proxy port:8080.. 
Note; you can also  use:    as proxy server
hats all.. should be blazing now .
If the above settings do not work for you, try   METHOD2
Launch psiphon
Front query=> Fast 
Back query=> Fast
Proxy Type=> Custom Header
Custom Header=> Fast- Online Host
Proxy server=> mobile.
Real Proxy Type=> Inject
Real Proxy Server=> (leave blank)
Real Proxy Port=> 8080
  Now press ‘save‘ and click on ‘more options
 Tick ‘connect through HTTP proxy’
 Proxy server:
Proxy port:  8080
Go and use USA as your region and, BOOOOM.
Note that ‘NETIFY’ is the also good, but psiphon seems to be the best for this mtn 0.0k cheat. You can download netify from here

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