Many people have been asking whats the cheat they can use to meet their browsing needs, so, let me drop this one for yall.. Even though its not really fast during the day, i still get up to 399Kb/s at times. This cheat is for android and can be shared with pc (already told you guys how to do it here ..You’ll need two apps from these links
1. Special and edited Tweakware
2. Android id changer( download from playstore)
3.Subscribe to any etisalat chatpak, ill suggest the 150n per week own cos its cheap.. Do tat one with this code *343*6*10# . u must be on easycliq
4. Open the special tweakware and click settings at the top right
5. Select bundled settings
6. Tick “use bundled settings”
8.Go back and use the free server
9. Connect.
++After reaching the max bandwith limit of 150mb perday, use android id changer to change your id by tapping the + button at the top right after opening the app. First backup the current id by pressing the download sign beside the plus sign. A new id would show. click ‘save new id’..After finishing the second 150mb.. Use another id etc.. Continue flexing.. Comment for questions and testimonies  


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