New Airtel Free 2017 Browsing Trick You Dont Know

Hello. Today, I’ll be sharing an airtel free browsing trick (for free). Only for Android devices. Read on


Airtel free browsing trick
Airtel browsing trick 2017

Although this trick won’t make you browse for totally free as I’m working on a free browsing cheat for mtn and airtel now (so, make sure to be checking back so as not to miss cheat updates), these tricks would save your airtel data up to 70%.

Are you ready?


1. Always turn of your data connection when you are not browsing eg when you are busy.

2. Uninstall useless data consuming apps

3. Utilize the Background-data-save trick. “What does this mean?” Ill tell you!.

Go to your phone settings And click on Data UsageData Usage -

After data usage opens, swipe to your airtel sim and press options or the three dots at the top right of the screen(like mine). Then press restrict background data.Airtel free browsing

Thats it- Enjoy as useless apps wont be sucking yoir data anymore.

Remember to be checking back regularly so youll not be left out for the browsing cheat I am cooking.

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