My review of this year’s black friday- Konga and Jumia

Am very sure you’ve heard of black friday- A day in November
where online stores like Amazon, alibaba , jumia and Konga place amazing discounts (up to 90% off) on products and services..

Comparing last year’s edition to this year’s experience, i think this year’s experience is very bad. If they knew they couldn’t give discounts, they should have skipped this year’s own.

   Normally, the Black Friday occurs in a day, but Jumia and Konga did a stupid overkill (sorry for my choice of words) by making theirs last for fourteen and twelve days respectively..
My pain is for those who have gone ahead to sell their devices, hoping to get better once at cheaper prices from these two giant online stores.

Dont get me wrong- My review is not based on personal problems with any of them- I patronize them once a while, but what they call ‘black friday discounts’  are more than the normal prices in some instances.
Imagine infinix hot 4(i bought 43k) now selling for konga.com at 64k+ and they are claiming yakata sales!!
Below are screenshots from Jumia and Konga taken today respectively (remember today’s episode of Jumia’s black friday is on phones with discounts?.. The first four are from Konga.com and the last from jumia.com

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