It is no news that WhatsApp would soon ditch Blackberry And Java users (explained here). Many telecomms companies , not only the Nigerian ones, would start to follow suit, and we would be looking at the likely reasons.


BIS (Blackberry Internet Subscription)  across all networks, especially those in Nigeria would soon be cancelled as whatsapp would not be on those devices anymore, and since bbm is dead, probably a large part of the question. No one knows this more than telecoms companies. When whatsapp is no longer on the bb devices, what else would catch anyone’s fancy in a blackberry device?

Considering the wide popularity of WhatsApp, it’s understandable why BlackBerry is now striving to find alternatives.BlackBerry is working on making its BBM messaging app “more convenient and fun,” and is currently exploring alternatives to pull it off. –
Losing such a big platform deals a heavy blow, especially since BlackBerry was already struggling and bleeding customers.
It’s worth pointing out, however, that WhatsApp will be dropping support for the aforementioned platforms, including BB10 and BBOS, at the end of this June. This means that BlackBerry users still have some time left to enjoy WhatsApp before it’s gone. By then, BlackBerry should be able to come up with a more engaging BBM to make up for the lost WhatsApp support, but it remains to be seen whether it will pull it off. e from MTN, what should I do?”. After no more BIS, it doesn’t mean you wont be able to subscribe, but it means that you would sub at the normal cost, with the APN of an android device. The problem is that bb devices that are not BB10 qon’t have whatsapp anymore after the deadlineblackberry.

Does it mean Blackberry Phone Users Should Throw Their Phones Away? — NO!

People with bb devices should not fear, I assure you of a way to use whatsapp after the deadline. Tomjoetech would make sure you can use Whatsapp well ON YOUR BB10 DEVICES like Q10, Z10, Q5, Passport etc. (It may include advanced features for you sef), so , don’t fear, take a seat and hold on in the ride.

For now, I have devised a way by which you can use whatsapp after the deadline, but I have to wait till the deadline to devise another, cos I do not know how the algorithm would be. This method is for Whatsapp Users With A Computer.I have finally figured out a solution for WhatsApp for BB10 OS after its discontinuation.

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1. Install android latest version from Google play store. You can do everything with this version except sending Media and files. But…..
2. Install Opera browser (not Opera mini) again from Google play store.
3. Start Opera browser in desktop mode, type in You will come up with familiar QR code.
4. Open android whatsApp application already installed, open WhatsApp Web to scan the QR code.
5. On Opera browser immediately take picture of the QR code with another Mobile device, it should be quick because the QR code keeps on changing after few seconds.
6. Now in WhatsApp application scan the QR code from the picture of the second Mobile device.
7. If you are quick and everything goes OK then WhatsApp Web will start on your Opera browser.
8. Now you can send Media and files through WhatsApp Web on same mobile device.
9. You can use the WhatsApp application for all other tasks including calls.
10. And for the Media and files you can use the WhatsApp Web on your Opera browser.

note: long as you don’t clear the browsing history and don’t clear the cookies it will open at the same page. WHATSAPP WEB
11. Keep the android whatsApp application open or minimized to use the WhatsApp Web in Opera browser.



MTN Nigeria for example, will end its Blackberry service today. In a text message to affected subscribers, the telecoms giant said: “Dear customer, MTN Blackberry service will be decommissioned on 27/01/2017. Please upgrade to a smartphone and enjoy 100 per cent bonus on any data bundle purchased.”  Glo’s message seemed more lenient: Dear Customer, starting December 17, 2016 BlackBerry services on your device (BBOS7 devices) will no longer be available. You can still continue to use the device to Call and Text.  We request you to migrate to a BB10, Android, Windows or IOS handset to use your remaining data.” It would seem that Nigerian Telcos followed suit, with Etisalat leading the pack. In December 2016, it messaged subscribers thus: “Dear Customer, our BB service will no longer be available. You will continue to enjoy your current subscription till it expires. Thank you for choosing Etisalat.”

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