Most Dangerous Android Viruses And ‘Cure’

Hello guys. Many people agree that nothing can be as bad as having an infected smartphone; this makes you lose your right over it.

Diseases caused by viruses are terrible, but your infected android phone can do a lot more harm, trust me. 

If your phone is infected, any of these can happen:

  • Information could be leaked out without your permission, or even knowledge
  • Your phone can be ‘killed’- it may power off and not turn on next time(at extreme cases)
  • Your sms, whatsapp chats , contacts and other sensitive data could be sent to a third party without your permission.
  • Your phone could get stuck at tje booting phase
  • Your phone could start lagging 
  • Your phone may get root access ‘behind your back’

Et ceteria.

So straight to the topic of discussion, here are the major viruses with the craziest abilities that could attack your smartphone:

1. Godless:

The Godless virus can be easily  found on apps in the Play Store, which means it is an extremely dangerous entity indeed. Even if you use your phone without tweaking or customizations or rooting,  there’s a chance it’ll infect your phone if you’re not careful.

It’ll root your phone when the screen switches off, so you’ll probably have no way of knowing as it infects your device quietly and indeed, efficiently. Godless is a family of malware, implying that there are multiple types of virus. It can be found on devices running Android 5.1 and lower.

Hummingbad (very weird name) made headlines in July 2016.  It can steal the info of the user and download apps without your permission. Cyber security company Check Point claims that it has spread to more than two million devices worldwide. It infects the phone by automatically starting a download when you visit a suspicious website on your browser. So, Its good when your browser has the capability of notifying you before a download.  UC browser, and any other browser integrated with ADM does that.

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What can you do to get rid of Hummingbad? A factory reset may work, although it can sometimes be embedded deeper into your device. A full flashing should work, but in extreme or stubborn cases,  you may have to get a new phone or attempt to root the device.


The Gunpoder virus is usually installed through third-party emulators for Nintendo consoles found in many app stores and external app sources(outside the Play Store). Emulation is always a grey area, but it’s no reason to hack people that love older games on the go.

To stay safe check reviews before downloading a random APK file from the Internet. There are a number of emulators available on the store for a price, so it’s sometimes worth paying a little extra for that added peace of mind. After all, it’s a fraction of the cost of the games themselves. Be careful when downloading ‘any-how-emulators, especially PPSPP’


Popular apps are always going to be an easy target for hackers and scammers, and clones are a great way to get files onto devices. The best thing to do is to make sure that you’re downloading an app directly from the correct source.

A guide app for Pokemon Go has infected over 500,000 devices. Users unintentionally gave them access to their information, and it could happen to you, too, if you’re not very careful. The worst thing is the more downloads it has, the more trustworthy it becomes. It’s tough to stay vigilant, but limiting the amount of apps you download will also help.

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These three, although different, have the same strategy.

The malware roots itself almost immediately and “embeds itself as a system application, and becomes nearly impossible to remove,” according to Lookout.

“This is a new trend for adware and an alarming one at that,” the firm warns.

“To add insult to injury, victims will likely not be able to uninstall the malware – leaving them with the options of either seeking out professional help to remove it, or simply purchasing a new device.”

It’s thought most of the infections are coming via third party app stores, with Android users being advised to only download trusted apps from Google’s own Play Store.

Dubbed Shedun, Shuanet and ShiftyBug, the Android malware all share the same deadly code and use similar tactics to infect the victim’s smartphone.

The ShiftyBug malware has been found impersonating Candy Crush, Facebook, GoogleNow, NYTimes, Okta, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp and many others.

Unlike other types of adware, this new type is completely silent – and even roots the owner’s device in the background.

So guys, stay clean, stay normal, and stay wise.. 

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