The Three SEO Secrets [new guide]

Hello guys. This is to serious bloggers on the latest SEO secrets, ie the three seo secrets that would determine if your website has a good seo or bad! But if you do not have a blog yet, get a cheap blog today! Then you can start learning about SEO , using Google Adsense and making money online. So as I have said repeatedly, SEO means search Engine Optimization, and it is a determining factor that would tell us how possible it is for a website to show on search engine’s result page; for Example, Google. The higher the probability of a site topping Google search results, the higher the SEO for that search term or string. Search engine optimization is a competitive, ever-changing landscape that requires marketers to adapt fast. Google changes its own algorithm up to 600times every single year. While most of these changes are minor, Google occasionally rolls out a “major” algorithmic update (such as Google Panda and Google Penguin) that affects search results in significant ways. And according to Google itself, it has confirmed this in tweets, “each day, Google usually releases one or more changes…”

Being up-to-date with changes is extremely hard. But it’s also necessary if you want your organic traffic to be consistent and continue to improve. You can’t be doing what worked five years ago today and expect the results to last forever. With changes coming daily and significant updates in the works, SEO is, has and will keep changing as consumer behavior changes.

Google’s search engine is designed for the people, not for the bloggers. Unlike before, we can’t keyword stuff and expect to rank number one just like that.latest seo secrets

There are two major approaches to make it in seo. It’s either you try the old fashioned way of trial-and-error seo; meaning that you would be trying different methods until one works. This is very inefficient as you would waste wonderful articles and by the time those articles come to limelight, the information might have become outdated and obselete. On the other hand, if you are current with the latest seo secrets (I would share three latest seo secrets in this article), you would not waste effort doing the wrong things.

As of late, Google has pumped out a few major changes to the way we conduct SEO practices in 2018 and beyond, as Google has taken it very seriously that the users get the right content for the queries they search for. And for that, numerous updates have been made in their algorithms from the past year.



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I call them seo secrets cos they are specifically what you need to rank!

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1.  Secret #1: Mobile and Speed Optimized sites first

Mobile traffic has continued to rise over the years. So, it’s time to shift our perspectives from desktop first to mobile first.

And that’s exactly what Google is doing with the mobile-first index. Initially announcing the mobile-first index in November 2016, Google made it clear that mobile was dominating the search engine.

Today, most people are searching on Google using a mobile device. However, our ranking systems still typically look at the desktop version of a page’s content to evaluate its relevance to the user. This can cause issues when the mobile page has less content than the desktop page because our algorithms are not evaluating the actual page that is seen by a mobile searcher.

What’s new?

Google announced that the mobile-first index was finally “rolling out.” Since the index has been in testing for many months, and Google has suggested they are migrating sites gradually, it’s unclear how much impact this specific roll-out had on the overall index. Webmaster should begin to see notifications within Google Search Console.

But, sadly, so many website owners are designing for an audience viewing desktop. This results in bad experiences for users on unoptimized mobile pages.

And Google is all about providing the best search engine to its user base. Which is the majority of the world:

pasted image 0 339

If Google didn’t make the change to rank mobile pages, there would likely be a drop in mobile users not searching with Google due to slow sites and unoptimized mobile pages. If your website is not optimized for mobile, you could see a drop in traffic and rankings. As a matter of fact, I got a message like this in my Search Console window :

pasted image 0 326

So, optimize your mobile view!


Now to speed, hmmmmm

You can test your website speed with two tools: Click on any one to go to the site and test your site’s speed and detext possible improvements you can make.

Bounce rate is the possibility for a user to leave your site quickly; that is a basic definition. Let’s now see how your pagespeed influences your Bounce rate. pasted image 0 330

Try using plain white backgrounds with black text that is big enough for mobile. Simplicity is key. Don’t use heavy CTAs and big images that slow your site down.All I’m trying to say is that \ Mobile UX and speed are crucial to success in SEO right now. Remember to make your Desktop and Mobile contents match!


2. Secret #2: HTTPS

latest three seo secrets

With the launch of Chrome 62, Google started warning visitors to sites with unsecured forms. While not an algorithm update, this was an important step in Google’s push toward HTTPS and may have a material impact on site traffic.

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And, now Google issues its final warning stating that by October 2018, all sites using HTTP will be marked with a strong red warning.

pasted image 0 328

It’s important to note that this will affect all websites that are opened using Chrome. While this does not affect your rankings, this will eventually affect your bounce rate and the user experience.

Which, in turn, affects your rankings.

Adrienne Porter Felt stated that, “HTTPS is a foundational part of web security. It’s a grassroots effort that worked hard to get leadership support.”

Screen Shot 2018 05 24 at 7.35.46 PM

It’s important to note that it’s not just Google pushing for the move to HTTPS.

If you are not experienced enough, you may lose your rank! To prevent a drop in traffic when switching from HTTP to HTTPS, review the following:

  • Make sure that all versions of your site redirect to the correct HTTPS version, including canonical tags.
  • Update all internal links pointing from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Submit a new sitemap with the correct HTTPS link.


3. Secret #3: Zero-result SERP Test

Before you get confused, SERP means Search Engine Results Page. For example, the SERP for “Tomjoetech” is shown in the screenshot below:

latest three seo secrets

With voice search and AI, searchers can order goods, make suggestions, and talk about current events. Searchers are now presented with one answer.

More recently, in March 2018, Google tested zero-result SERPs, where only a single piece of information was displayed in the form of definitive answers or knowledge cards:

pasted image 0 324

To see any link-based results, you’d have to click “Show all results. This shift has been dramatic and often worries SEOs: will people even click on our links now?

It allows users to get answers faster than ever before without the need to read a 5,000-word article. Instead, the most important bits of information are fetched from top content sites and utilized in the results. On a small set of Knowledge Cards, including some time/date queries and unit conversion calculators, Google started displaying zero organic results and a “Show all results” button. A week later, Google stopped this test, but we believe it is an important sign of things to come.

SERPs are changing. Fast. Too fast! We need to start focusing on generating better content, even if it means answering the questions before users click.

Right now, try targeting keywords that don’t have rich results or knowledge cards/graphs.

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