Konga Black Friday Yakata Sales So Far

As we know, the Konga Black Friday 2017 started yesterday and I was expecting a fair deal this year. Although, I saw a sarcastic post on social media some days back which proved to be true:Konga black Friday scam

Last year, I joined a lot of Nigerians to complain about Jumia Black Friday as they used the same method above. I was expecting Konga to have a lot in store for us, but unfortunately

The sales in this yakata deal black friday from konga have insignificant discounts.

Lets take a look at some of the things I have been seeing from yesterday while perusing the site, despite the fact that the Black Friday from Konga.com has startedKonga black Friday 2017

Konga black friday 2017
They said the prices would fall but no price is obviously falling

Has It Always Been Like This?

About two years ago, the popular female tech blogger Tobi Ayeni, or popularly known by her blog’s name Misstechy.com posted something similar in 2015’s black Friday in Nigeria. This were some of her observations:

A screenshot of the Infinix Hot 2 that goes for N17,900 and still sells for N17,900.(in 2015)

black friday scam 2

Also, there are reports that heavily discounted items get sold out immediately. These customers have even gone to their Facebook pages to complain.

black friday scam 3

Back to me at Tomjoetech.net, I actually found some products to have discounts on them. The electronics were really discounted. I even saw a DVD player of 7k!Now you're talking

Lets have a look at many of these deals. I will give direct links to them at the end of the page

So if you were disappointed, you had your hopes too high.

But guess what, I would give the links to the discounted products, category-by-category.


[tie_list type=”checklist”][/tie_list]


Click on any category below and you would be taken to the great Discounts on Konga Black Friday 2017 site! Don’t dull.

[tie_list type=”checklist”]

Top Amazing Offers
Phones and Tablets (Discounted).
Electronics (Discounted)
Phones and Tablets (Discounted)
Music And Movies (Discounted)
Home & Kitchen (Discounted)
Computer & Accessories (Discounted)
Fashion (Discounted)
Baby & kid Toys (Discounted)
Sports & Fitness (Discounted)
Beauty, Health and Personal Care (Discounted)
Automotive and industrial Products (Discounted)
Drinks & Groceries (Discounted)
Books & stationery (Discounted)
All other Products that are Discounted


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