Introducing: PHX Browser

Hello guys. Without much grammar, i am introducing to you a very wonderful and fast mobile phone browser which, by my experimentation, surpasses Opera Mini, Uc Browser and even Mozilla Firefox.

Infinixmobility has pushed an update to new devices like the Hot 4 and its variants, Hot S and Zero 3 which included the Phx Browser (Phoenix Browser)


Phoenix browser is a trustworthy web browser: smart, speedy and simple.
It helps you to visit the most popular websites with just one touch, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Yahoo! and Amazon.
Key features:
●Bringing you the up-to-date information
Suggesting topics based on your browsing history, including popular music, hot games, hot videos and breaking news
●Convient GPS
● Providing non-picture viewing mode to control network flow
● Fast and stable browsing & downloading
Reliable technological support and powerful server securing speed and stability when you surf the web and download
●Anonymous browsing
Not recording your private browsing history
●Easy screenshots
Enabling you to change the size of screenshots
Helping you bookmark any visited webpage that interests you.

Browsing has not been this easier, but with Phoenix Browser!!

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