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How To Unsubscribe from All Spam Emails at once

Hello guys. Today, Ill be talking about something that was once a bother to me. Before I created my website, I subscribed to so many email lists from different ‘blogs’ and I thought the messages sent to me would be timely and helpful! How on Earth would I be getting about 3 emails from the same blog×total number of blogs i subscribed to!spam Emails

This is certain not fair, as most times, I have important mails, but. number of spam emails are above it and may not make me get to see the important mail I have.

If you’re also in the category of having so many emails sent to you that you do not need, I am here to show you how to unsubscribe to all the spammy email lists-for free: is a free online service that lets you easily unsubscribe from email newsletters and other bulk messages in Gmail. You, however, will have to grant complete access to your Gmail mailbox and to your Google Contacts for to automatically remove your email address from various mailing lists.

But, sometime ago, it was revealed that has been silently scraping your Gmail mailbox and selling the data to Uber.spam emails

Maybe it is actually hidden somewhere in the terms of service that the app can share your data with other companies but who actually reads the fine print. If this worries you, it’s quite simple how to stay safe:Here’s how you can block UnrollMe from accessing your Gmail emails.

1. Go to Account- Connected apps

2. Search for UnrollMe and click Remove

Spam emails

so that’s why i won’t recommend

Christian Heilmann’s tweet – Feature request for Gmail: automatically find and follow the unsubscribe link in all highlighted emails – prompted me to build an automated system for unsubscribing your Gmail address from the bulk senders. Here’s how it looks like:

Unsubscribe from Gmail Bulk Messages


What I have now is a powerful-but-simple Google Script that parses the content of bulk emails and finds the unsubscribe link. If an unsubscribe link is found, the script opens the link and your email is automatically unsubscribed. In some cases, the bulk sender would require you to send a message to a special email address to unsubscribe and our Google script can do that as well.

The big advantage is that don’t have to grant access to your Gmail account to any third-party service and you can add subscription emails to the unsubscribe queue from any email client including desktop and mobile apps. Let’s get started:

  1. Click here to copy the Gmail Unsubscriber sheet to your Google Drive.
  2. Go to the Gmail menu in the Google Sheet (see screenshot above) and choose Configure. Allow the script to access to your Gmail account. It is an open source Google Script that runs does not store or upload a single byte of your data.
  3. In the inbox box, enter a name of your Gmail label (the default is Unsubscribe) and all emails marked with this label will be unsubscribed. Save your changes.

The Gmail Unsubscriber program is now initialized and i running in the background. You can now easily apply the Unsubscribe label to any email message in Gmail and you’ll be automatically unsubscribed in 10-15 minutes. Everything is logged in the Google Sheet so you know what’s happening behind the scenes. Give it a try!

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