How to delete whatsapp messages as far as a week back

Everyone uses whatsapp. I’ll be explaining how you can undo a whatsapp message you sent, even after the 7minutes normal limit, after which normal deleting (recalling) becomes impossible. Meaning I want to show you how to delete whatsapp messages as far as a week back. There is also a video tutorial at the end of the page should in case you get stuckHow to delete whatsapp messenges

According to WhatsApp’s website,

You can only delete messages for everyone for up to seven minutes after sending. Once seven minutes have passed, there is no way to delete messages for everyone….

But what if I showed you how to do this, even after the seven minutes limit? Read on!

How to delete Whatsapp messages after 7 minutes limit

Kindly note: While the feature is useful in cases when you forgot to delete something after realizing it was inappropriate, beyond seven minutes is a long time for a message to remain unseen by anyone. Secondly, it is yet to be officially confirmed whether or not this would be prevented in future updates. I’ve use this trick with the latest whatsapp update and it still works so fine, without any third party app or advanced whatsapp.Delete WhatsApp message

Follow the following steps:

1. Look at a message you sent and choose up a time within the normal 7 minutes.

For example, If i wanted to delete a message I sent by 7:23am, I would choose 7:26am or 7:24am or 7:28am.

Another example is the picture below. If I wanted to delete the message I underlined which was sent by 9:52am, I can choose a time like 9:54am.

2. After choosing a suitable time, I would turn on Airplane mode on my phone. You can turn on Airplane mode in your phone settings or after drawing your notification bar downwards

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3. Go to settings then go to apps. Find WhatsApp and click on Force Stop

4. Then adjust your phone’s date and time to the time you chose in step 1

5. Go to WhatsApp, find the message and ‘delete for everyone’. The messages would be deleted!

6. Readjust your  phone’s time and date

7. Deactivate airplane mode and it is done!

In case you do not understand, I would drop a video of how I go about this. Watch the video below

Video Tutorial- How to delete Whatsapp message even after 7 minutes Limit!


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