How to solve the problem of invalid Imei

Maybe something  happened or you changed your  ROM or flashed your Android phone but you cannot call,  text or browse and on dialing *#06#,you see INVALID IMEI,  following these  steps would ultimately  solve the problem. Note that you must first  root your phone. You can download the latest version of kingroot.apk but you’ll need  data to root (not much at all)  but not VPN data.

To solve the bug after rooting,  follow the following  steps :
1. Get your phone’s default IMEI.  You can check it if the battery is removable under the battery  after opening the back cover.  If your battery is not removable,  you can generate  IMEI in the app in step 2.  So simple!.
2. Download chamelephon.apk and install 3. Open it and grant it root permission
4. Insert the IMEI and press apply new IMEIs
5. Reboot to finalize..  That’s all..  You can unroot your phone immediately  to prevent mallards and bloat wares…

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