How to share VPN connection with PC and mac

In order to browse on your pc or mac using your android’s internet, including vpn connections (as this is normally impossible), you do not have to root your phone and use harmful softwares. Instead you would download a software named PDANET’. You can download PDANET software from the link at the end of this page.. PDANET software for both your android and pc.. You can click to download pdanet.(for pc). Download the mobile part on playstore
Run the software and it would be installed on your phone.. Remember to enable USB debugging. You can do so by:

1. Go to settings> about phone
2. Tap ‘build number..’ 9 times until ‘you are already a developer’ shows
3. Go to settings and you’ll see developer options. Click and scroll down and enable USB debugging.. Connect your phone after one-time setup and open pdanet android app and click enable USB debugging and then open the app on PC. If you want to share d connection with a device, right click the pdanet icon AFTER connection in the taskbar and you’ll see WiFi share.. Don’t use the one in the android app as it may not work.. To stop pdanet from closing connection every 5 min, you do not need to buy as we are here for you. Contact us!
I personally recommend USB tethering from PDANET app

Happy browsing!
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