How To Do Almost Anything On Your Android Phone Without Touching The Screen- Google Assistant At Work!

Been busy with examinations, so I paused posting for few days before now (I’m atill a student eh). Now, I introduce to you the Google Assistant that can do anything for you- without the tap of any button or your phone’s screen. Isn’t that revolutionary? Just ‘decree a thing, and it shall be established’Google Assistant

Even though this project is still in the beta stage (not yet fully released) , making any phone apart from the Google Pixel devices unable to download it from the Google Play Store, I am pleased to announce that there’s a way to download it on your android device- of any android version!. Note: I found this app to be better than the Apple Siri.

Theres practically nothing that you cannot do with your Google Assistant. Based on my personal experience and long years of Android usage, I have never seen any wonderful assistant app like the Google assistant before! It gets things done, Even when you are not connected to the internet. In countries abroad like the United States, you can actually turn your light, thermostat, air condition, fan,tv, android car etc on with your android device as long as they are part of the Google Home connected devices (Expect a post on that soon)!.Google Assistant

These are the things you can do with your Google Assistant:

  • use voice commands to perform actions: After triggering the app by saying ‘Ok Google’ anywhere on the screen, you can tell it what to do or ask questions,Google Assistant eg;
  • How far am I from home (or work) -It’ll tell you how far you are if you are walking, cycling or driving.
  • I’m bored (It would tell you a joke or you can play a game with it!)
  • I’m hungry (It’ll show you restaurants near you)
  • Send a message to mum ‘I’m coming’ (It would send an sms)
  • Remind me not to be late for my meeting by 3pm (It would set a reminder by 3pm ‘Dont be late)
  • What is ‘love’ in French?
  • Do I have new mails?
  • Open an app, eg ‘Open Telegram’
  • Visit a website (eg, visit
  • To see other voice commands you can give your google assistant, check them here.Google assistant-
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But for now, the Google Assistant is available officially for Google Pixel phones only and I was like

And I finally knew what to do- Since its still in the Beta version (like WhatsApp), users using ordinary android phones can get it from the Google play store- And I’ll tell you how!


1. Open the Google Playstore App

2. Search for Google.

3. Click on the google app (The first result as seen in the image below)Google Assistant

4.Scroll down and press ‘Be a beta tester’ or ‘join the beta community’ or anything related- Cant remember exactly, then you would see something like this:

Google Assistant

4. Wait for twenty minutes (feel free to minimize snd do other stuffs) then youll see  update for the Google App, then you would have to update it on the Google Play store.Google Assistant

After a successful update, open the Google app and do a little setup using your gmail account- and you’re set for the mind-blowing experience!Google Assistant

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