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How To Browse When Your MTN Data Signal Doesnt Show Up

Have you ever tried to browse on your mtn line and when you turn on your data connection, there is no network signal (mtn data signal) to make you browse? Network signals are G, 2G, H, H+, 4G etc. These are needed for yoy to be able to browse. Today, I’ll show you two ways to fix it:

The Sms Method:

You can fix this by sending DATARESET to 131. Youll get two sms responses and your data should turn on.


Alternative Method:

Go to phone settings

Press More

Open Mobile Networks

Press cellular data (if available)

Change Preferred Network Type to 2G.,

cos if after sending the sms according to the first method, the issue is still there, its because 2G network is what is available and 3G network isn’t.

Those are the ways to fix the problem!


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