Get Some Paid Playstore Apps For Free

Hello geeks or geeks in the making. Many of us would need to download an app in playstore, but theres a price tag attached to it that we feel its not worth the price and want to download it? You’re welcome- this post is for you!

Below are some ways to get this done:

1. Blackmart Alpha.

In this method, First of all, you have to download an app name Blackmart Alpha, which helps you to download paid android app for free. They have almost listed many paid apps which are successfully working. Download the app below:

  • Now Install it on your Android Phone. In case if above application is not working then google it for latest blackmart alpha.apk app.
  • Then, Open Blackmart and in the search box enter the name of that app.
  • Now Download that particular app through BlackMart on your Android Device. (Find the app on playstore and press the share link and click Blackmart
  • You may see your Paid Apps running successfully for free.


2. Searching For .apk File Of Paid Apps.

In this method you have to download apps from some famous websites which provides for .apk extension and then you have to install it manually.

These are few sites where you can find apk files of different applications.

  • These are only few sites you can search for many hosting sites for apks.
  • Now open these sites and search the exact name of particular apps. Or in the format of Appsname.apk.
  • Now download the apps from that site and install them on android phone.
  • Now install them on your phone and enjoy your new paid apps
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Apps Offer By Popular Platforms.

Some of the best 3rd party app stores offer to download apps for free. You just have to complete any task or have to install their own service apps. They provide apps for free or even provide huge discounts on them which are not totally available free to download.

 Amazon Underground Service.

Amazon underground app provide thousands of paid apps for free. So don’t forget to avail this amazing opportunity. What you have to do is just install Amazon underground app.

Download amazon underground from the link above.

After that you have to choose tab of underground. Then choose any app according to your requirement.



This app, just like the one in number one, is smple to use- download , signup/login, then share app you want at any point in playstore.

Download here


How to change Language on Appvn after installing Appvn Apk:

As soon as you open this application, You may confuse with language. Don’t bother. Just click on the register to make an account. After successful verification of your account, Just log in. Now tap on menu, Go to settings >> Language to set the language to English. That’s it. If you are not from Vietnam, changing of language might be very helpful.

appvn apk change language

That’s all about how to get AppVN Apk file and how to install it. If you have any problems with the source or while installing please make a comment so that we can help you. Share this post on social media to let everyone know about it.

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Enjoy your app freedom.. Don’t forget to share?

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