Get Quality reviews, Exposure and Recognition of your blog For free with this tool

Hello reader! This post is for bloggers that want to get honest reviews of their blog or site, new readers and a high pagerank backlink to boost their seo, and os one of the ways I posted to make you rank high !

About the seo tool

The tool I want to tell you about is an online platform assigned to help you improve your new and existing web designs by exchanging feedback with an intelligent community of entrepreneurs, usability experts and web designers. The name of the tool is Criticue and the link to it is at the bottom of the page.

Let’s you get tired of asking your friends on Facebook and Twitter to review your website and want to get a lot of random people to give you feedback, there are a lot of choices out there.  Wait a second let me restructure that; when you want designers, entrepreneurs, etc. to review your site, this tool is a great option, it’s not just “random” people.  Now I know what you think some of them cost money, and some of them are completely free.

Unlike other sites, the reviews you get in this tool are short and very focused. This means you, as the user, can review a website in as little as 1-3 minutes and earn exactly one review of your own website in exchange- for SURE!

Every reviewer is shown a screenshot of the page they are supposed to review; with the option to open it in a new browser tab for a more detailed view of the website.

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Reviews may be short but as they come from highly qualified participants they’re really valuable. In addition, reviews are not only moderated to ensure there is no spam and useless “I like it” or “you tried” comments but also rated by website authors themselves. Now, if you don’t want to leave feedback on others sites, you can always buy credits.  To do this go to My Account>Buy Credits (it’s a big yellow button).  The prices for credits are down below:

Buy Credits

Optionally, you can earn free credits by clicking on “get free credits” write below “buy credits” on the “my account” page. Remember I told you how to check the worth of a website or domain?

Would I Recommend Using This online tool called Criticue?

Yes!  I certainly would.  I got some great feedback in just 1 day.  It’s an excellent idea, and I’m kind of jealous that I didn’t think of it.

Link to the Online Blog tool:

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