How to get A Free Toll-free number and empower your brand!

When you have a business, there are a lot of things you could really do to give it a professional touch and branding. Sadly, some of these cost a fortune and i you have just started your business or you are running on a small-scale, you definetely cannot afford such. One of these is having your own toll-free number! Without any third-party equipment! You may also want to read How to get free instagram likes and followers

free toll-free number
Getting a toll-free number is a wonderful addition to your business!

Who needs a toll free number?

  • entrepeneurs
  • Business owners
  • Customer care department in a company
  • Airports

What is a toll free number?

Simply put, a toll free number is a number you can call for free. Several businesses own such numbers and the most popular of such are customer care of sim providers. For example, in Nigeria, these are the following toll free numbers of individual networks:

  • MTN: 180
  • GLO: 121
  • AIRTEL: 111
  • ETISALAT: 200

Godaddy has a toll-free number, most companies do! If for example, I give you my toll free number, you wont be charged for the call when you dial that number and speak to me. While we’re still feeling the new year, some have not drafted a list of goals to be pursued and targets to be met in this wonderful year 2018. Here at Tomjoetech, I have achieved one of my set goals, which is to earn from affiiate marketing (I’ll reveal this soon) and to move from .com to .net! If you are a business owner, you may want to consider getting a number that is toll-free and Im going to show you how to get such a number for free! Right here and now!

How To get Toll Free number in 2018

Let’s say this is my new year gift to business owners. Actually, it is impossible to have a toll-free number that you won’t pay for, forever. However, Godaddy offers you a one-month trial of this service! So for 30 days,you can actually have a toll-free number without being charged for it in any way! Also, you can cancel this service at any point before the end of the 30 days! Wonderful, isn’t it? The ervice is called Smartline and it is anchored by Godaddy, a very popular domain registrar and hosting seller.

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Well, i you want freebies, such as coupon codes for online services including domains, hosting etc for godaddy, namecheap and other online services, kindly put your email address at the beginning of this page in the space provided. I won’t spam you!

How to Get a smartline toll free number from

Smartline toll-free number from

  1. Go to the Smartline toll free Page on
  2. Login to Godaddy if necessary
  3. You’ll see a lot of toll-free numbers to choose from. Pick one, or search. For example, I chose (855) 934-8454.
  4. Choose your plan. Don’t worry, it is free for the first month and you would not be charged for now.
  5. Choose your billing cycle
  6. Add payment option(you wont be charged till 30 days later when you don’t cancel it) and start trial
  7. Since you won’t be using an equipment or machine, simply download the smartline app on your phone from the link in the current page, or enter your phone  number there.
  8. Login with your Godaddy account details on the app you just downloaded
  9. Start enjoying your free toll-free call service!
    Smartline toll-free numbers
    3. Smartline toll-free numbers.
    smartline toll-free number billing cycle
    5. Billing cycle

    Got a question? It may have been answered. Check FAQ below. Note that SmartLine is currently available in the United States only.

Godaddy Smartline FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

  • Can I use and manage my toll-free number on my smart phone?

    Yes, there are both IOS and Android apps available.
  • Can I get a “true” 1-800 number?

    Yes, we offer (800) prefix toll-free numbers as well as all other toll-free prefixes – 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888.
  • How good is the call quality with SmartLine Toll Free?

    We use your phone carrier’s network, so the quality and reliability is the same as your personal phone number.
  • Can I send text messages from my SmartLine toll-free number?

    Yes, you can send and receive texts! However, toll-free numbers in general cannot send or receive MMS messages (e.g. pictures & video).
  • What happens if I go over my month minutes or texts?

    Any minutes over your monthly allotment will be billed in 6-second increments at £0.02 per minute. Any outgoing texts over your monthly allotment will be charged at £0.01 per text. All of our plans include unlimited incoming texts.
  • Can I use SmartLine Toll Free with a toll-free number that I already have?

    We don’t currently offer number porting for toll-free numbers. We hope to include this feature in a future update.
  • Does SmartLine Toll Free use my phone plan’s minutes?

    Yes. When you make and receive calls, SmartLine Toll Free uses the minutes included in your cellular phone plan. Since most people have unlimited minutes, this is rarely an issue.
  • Does SmartLine Toll Free use WiFi for calling?

    No. SmartLine Toll Free uses your cellular phone network to make and receive calls, which helps ensure the best possible call quality.
  • Is SmartLine Toll Free a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone service?

    No. SmartLine Toll Free calls use your cellular phone network for incoming and outgoing calls.


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Free Toll free number Alternatives (Paid)

  1. Buy toll-free number from Ringcentral (Plans from $13, with 15 days trial plan)
  2. Buy from (Plans from $24, with 30 days money-back guarantee)
  3. Buy from (Plans from $9.95, with 30 days trial)
  4. Buy toll-free number from
  5. Buy from (Pricing starts at $23/month)

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