How to get 23gb Data for free with NTEL

23gb free data from ntelIn case you do not know, there is a new 4G LTE operator in Lagos state and it is offering amazing bonuses to its new user, NTEL NIGERIA. NTEL is still relatively new, so my best guess is that what they would want is a great publicity and they just did what no other network provider has done- They are offering 23GB free internet data and 500% data bonus. Plus, their subscriptions are cheap.

They named their sims that include this offer ‘nanu sim’ and I have been enjoying this awoof for up to a week now and you guys would definitely need this. Sorry, this data offer is for only people in Lagos State in Nigeria only, but according to the company, the promo is currently available for Ntel users In Lagos state and soon, would be further shifted to Abuja and River State.


get free 23gb data with ntel


I’m going to show you how I activated my own, so you would be able to follow the same steps too. Just as an admin of , I love giving special freebies like how you can get a cheap domain name, etc, follow these steps:

Visit any participating device retailer or spot the ntel activation team in your neighbourhood and:

  • Get a FREE ntel SIM
  • FREE 1GB is preloaded for your immediate use *(Valid for 48 hrs)

To unlock even more bonuses:

visit your nearest ntel SIM registration centre and complete SIM registration for:

  • FREE 10GB valid for 30 days
  • 8k/sec calls to all networks for one year
  • 500% bonus on all data plan purchases for one year.
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  1. On registering, you would be given two NTEL sim cards, One of them would expire after 48 hours and it contains 1gb.
  2. On registering, the other sim gets 10gb free.
  3. Then after you exhaust the 10gb, you can use the N1000 in your main balance to activate 12gb (The free 500% data bonus which you get when you buy a data plan is valid for a year.  For instance if you subscribe for their month data plan, N500 which is 1GB, you’ll receive 6GB data, N1000 subscription which is 2GB will give you 12GB and the same applies to the voice and other data plan.)

we have a total of 23gb this way, although some people get it at once.

What are you waiting for? Hurry!

How much does it cost?—nothing

, since the N1000 you pay would reflect in your main balance.


  1. Ntel is a superfast 4g LTE internet provider
  2. Ntel has the cheapest internet bundles
  3. Ntel rarely has downtimes
  4. Ntel has cheap unlimited bundles.

Hey!If I didn’t write this post, you may not see the offer on time, so kindky share this post to your friends and families so they can enjoy too!

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