Galaxy S8 May Also Come With Wireless Earbuds

Hello guys. Many people are fully aware that the iPhone7 comes with wireless earbuds that are almost equivalent to 67k naira here, but recent reports shows that the Samsung Galaxy S8 might not be an exception in the release of wireless earbuds.

That’s the latest rumor swirling around the still unannounced smartphone, courtesy of Sammobile. The Samsung news site says it’s received information that the company plans to launch new wireless in-ear headphones along with the Galaxy S8 next year. Sammobile cautions that it’s unclear whether Samsung will bundle the earbuds with the S8 or sell them separately.

Samsung’s not the first phone maker to consider axing the jack. Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus — hardly to universal acclaim — as have Motorola and LeEco. Those phones include an adapter for plugging in existing headphones, so Samsung could distinguish itself by bundling its in-ear headphones with the S8 — unless it decides to sell those as a standalone accessory that competes with Apple’s wireless AirPods.

Something i suspect to be issues that would arise from S8:

  • Would it be exploding- like its predecessor?
  • Would it be cheap?
  • Would the battery life be good?


Or what do you think?

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