Four Special Display Tweaks You Should Use

Hello guys. If you happen to he someone just like me in the aspect of phone (you always want your phone to be really different when placed beside the same model), this post is one you need.

And if you also own the Infinix Hot4, congrats… Below are some customizations you can give your device (some of these  are available on other phone models too)

It is very important what launcher you use. Many launchers are large and consume useful space, making be phone really laggy. Examples of these launchers that can slow your device are Go launcher, Windows 8 launcher (all types), Apus launcher, etc. If you are using any of these, youll be having to clear the cached data thet make regularly .

Back to the topic( I drifted to make my point clear), a wonderful and customizable launcher is the Nova launcher. You cab download the normal version or get the paid version for free!  by using any of the methods in this post

Below is a screenshot of nova launcher after a little customizing against the x launcher that came with my phone (used the same wallpaper)


The default launcher :

So you see how the vital role a launcher plays..

Dpi is an acronym for Display Per Inch. It shows how big or small texts or icons would be. You woupd notice my screenshots look longer and icons look smaller, cos i use a smaller dpi.This setting is usually in the Developer options in the settings of the phone.

In case you can’t find the developer options, press about phone and tap the build number nine times. Go back to settings and developer options should appear. Click on it.

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As you can see, it is in third stuff of my screenshot below

Click on it

Mine is 240dpi, cos i do not want it to be too small.

So, by reducing your phone’s dpi, it’ll look more classic (if you want to change dpi, a reboot would be needed. so see how it would be if i hadn’t changed it :


Some phones can have their FONT chamged in settings. The font is basically, the same ad he ‘handwriting’ of the phone. Find his setting im settings-display-font style

you can download more fonts via the xtheme app for infinix , but any other phone without this options needs two steps

-root the phone

-apply the font with an app called Ifont.


YES, Yes, yes! This gives your phone the professional touch. You can download nice wallpapers anywhere and they make your phone sweet-to-behold!

With these four customizations, anyone using the same phone with you would argue its not!

Share your thoughts in thw comments section!

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