How To Fix Cpanel ReLogin error session invalid security cookie

Yesterday, I got fed up concerning an issue I frequently experienced in my hosting cpanel- a cpanel relogin error and I had to get away out of the mess. The problem was that so many times, I would be redirected to login again to cpanel and I couldnt spend a minute without logging in again, making my work unproductive.

What Causes This Problem?

I would not want to simply jump to the solution without you knowing why you may face this error. There’s only one reason for the cpanel relogin error and its caused by:

The dynamic Ip of your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

It is because your ISP uses a dynamic Ip and thus your IP is changing over time.

How to fix this cpanel Problem

The simple way to fix the cpanel error is to change your dynamic Ip to a static ip (one that doesnt change over time for as long as you are online at that point). There are two ways to achieve this;

  1. Contact your ISP to change it to static Ip for you
  2. Change it yourself manually by using any VPN.

Well, I use VPN as that is more time conserving and gives me a little privacy.

And thats how to fix Cpanel relogging in error session invaid cookie

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