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FB, Instagram And Whatsapp Down Yesterday: What actually happened?

Earlier in the day, WhatsApp appeared to be fine for many people, but users in Paraguay, India, Bangladesh, Argentina, and more note that they begun experiencing issues with sending messages as the afternoon went on. DownDetector indicates that those in Brazil were experiencing the most severe outages. Many people here in Africa were largely affected too! What happened to these Mark Zuckerberg social media platforms?

I experienced serious issues while using whatsapp yesterday, only to find out that I was not the only one with the issue. FB, Instagram And Whatsapp were Down Yesterday and it was really bad.

On whatsapp, voice notes and image status could not be uploaded, neither could media be shared. In short, at times, messages would not get in or out early.

Instagram is markedly worse: for some users, posts aren’t loading, Instagram Stories are down, and direct messages and the button to post new content are also not working. Facebook’s ad section was not functioning either, and it led to an internal error when you tried to buy an ad.

About an hour after users first noted the outage, Facebook responded on Twitter. It also noted that “the issue is not related to a DDoS attack.”

Other users noted that attempting to use Facebook to sign into apps like Tinder or Spotify wasn’t working either. Attempting to do so would bring up an error saying this feature isn’t available right now. If you were already signed into Spotify, it appears that your login is still valid, but once you sign out, you’ll be unable to get back in.

What caused the global downtime on these Mark Zuckerberg-managed social media?

Facebook did not say what was causing the outages, which were still occurring as of 2.15pm ET, or which regions were affected. On Wednesday, Google was also hit by outages around the world. Users reported issues with Gmail, Google Drive, Hangouts and Google Maps for several hours.

Implications of the downtime

  1. Many businesses who focused on social Ads would be affected as no new clients would convert. That’s why you should Learn Seo.
  2. People like me could not upload status conveniently
  3. People were disappointed.

Now, let me ask a question. Can you imagine what it would be like with no social media?

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