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HitFilm Pro 2018 is a popular professional video editing tool, visual effects and 3D compositing for filmmakers and pro’s. HitFilm Pro is a software that includes everything you need to create huge scale movies on an indie budget. All those times when you had to limit your ambition that’s in the past. Hitfim Professional has a unique mix of video editing, visual effects and 3D compositing for filmmakers and professional motion artists. Everything you need in one product.

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From powerful 3D modelling and compositing tools and 800+ customizable visual effects & templates to high-quality animations, realistic particle simulations and plug-ins from BorisFX and the Academy Award-winning Mocha plug-in. You get the entire world of visual effects at your fingertips — with HitFilm Pro!

There’s plenty of video editing software on the market. The first ones that come to mind are big names like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Magix Vegas, DaVinci Resolve, etc. Most of these applications are specialized to do a specific task, be it video editing (Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro), visual effects (After Effects), or color grading (Speedgrade and DaVinci Resolve, to name a few).

What makes HitFilm unique compared to most other products on the market, though, is the fact that it’s a one of a kind combination of a non-linear editor (NLE) and a video compositing tool capable of working with 3D objects. You can think of it as a blend of visual FX software like Adobe After Effects and video editing tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, packed into a streamlined interface that is far less intimidating for new users. It also comes with hundreds of pre-made effects and presets, which can be fully customized within the software. There’s loads of fun VFX stuff to play around width in HitFilm, from muzzle flashes and ready-to-use lightsabers to vintage film looks and particle simulation.

Full Features of HitFilm Pro 2018

Revolutionary workflow

HitFilm Pro takes your workflow to the next level. Seamlessly combining a huge array of features providing amateurs and professionals everything they need to see a project through to the end.

  • Combined timelines
  • Personalizable workstation
  • Enhanced performance
  • Mask editing and rendering
  • Export Queue
  • Export presets
  • Professional formats
  • Intelligent search

Video editing

HitFilm Pro provides a range of powerful non-linear editing tools ensuring you have the right tools for the job.

  • Animation tools
  • Composite shot enhancements
  • Audio Hard Limiter
  • Unlimited tracks
  • Picture in Picture
  • Adaptive Trimmer
  • Behaviors
  • Vertical video
  • Compositing and layering
  • 3D camera projection
  • AttributesAudio mixer
  • Transitions
  • Dedicated trimmer

Particle simulator

HitFilm’s Particle Simulator is a very powerful tool which allows you to play God. Create weather systems, grow your own cities or summon swarms of creatures – it’s all in HitFilm Pro, from grid patterns and fractally-warped, audio-influenced 3D forms to chaotic, physics-driven simulation.

  • Emitters
  • Particle systems
  • Mobile emitters
  • Deflectors & Forces
  • Particle shapes
  • 3D objects as particles
  • Post processing

A compositor’s toolkit

HitFilm houses over 800 unique effects and presets, each of which can be pulled apart, altered and put back together again to create something entirely new.

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  • Text and titling
  • Fire and lightning
  • Muzzle flashes
  • Repair your footage
  • Lens flares
  • 360°video
  • Puppet tool

Color correction & grading

HitFilm comes packed with powerful color correction and grading tools providing you with everything you need to get the polished look you’re after

  • Scope
  • Vectorscope
  • Color Support
  • Curves
  • Color wheels
  • Extensive presets
  • Grading toolkit
  • Cinematic looks
  • Hyper-stylized effects.
  • LUTs
  • Footage repair
  • Damage simulator
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Keying & extraction

Advanced chroma key, matte cleaning, spill suppression and auto light wrap combine with sophisticated 2D and 3D layering to create green screen composites so realistic your audience will never even know.

  • Chroma KeyMatte cleaning
  • Spill simulation and light wrapping
  • Green screen


Providing powerful and advanced tracking tools HitFilm. Get more from your shots. Allowing you to build your own reality in each scene.

  • 2D Feature Tracking
  • Mocha HitFilm
  • Importing 3D camera tracking data

3D model import

HitFilm hosts a powerful set of 3D model compatible tools. Import, adjust, texture, animate, composite and render thefor outstanding integration into your scenes.

  • Models: A number of 3D model formats are compatible with HitFilm. After they’ve been imported and adjusted to your liking they can them be composited into your scene all within HitFilm.
  • Animations: Animate objects and shoot with virtual cameras and lights, with real-time shadows, reflections and physically-based lighting producing super-realisticresults. Experience lightning-fast load times, film box support and added .FBX import.
  • Import animation: HitFilm Pro offers support for a number of 3D formats including OBJ, LWO and 3DS. Alembic ABC and Filmbox FBX can also be imported with geometry animation for individual models and groups within HitFilm Pro.
  • Depth maps: Improve your perspective with HitFilm Pro’s depth maps for all 3D layers (3D models, planes and particle systems). Composite different objects together using depth information for masking and occlusion. Get all the benefits of 3D data while compositing in 2.5D with effects and filters.
  • Texturing: Import and apply any texture to any model and configure specular maps to appropriately color each material. You can even experiment with normal and bump maps to add additional 3D detail to your model without negatively impacting editing, viewing performance and polycount. Reflections and lighting can be adjusted to get the right look and feel for your scene including directional, spotlight, point and ambient light. For added realism, you can add shadow casting to in a 3D scene or switch on ambient occlusion to allow layers to cast and display shadows.
  • Mirror reflections: Models can now adopt mirror reflections. If you’re using HitFilm for product or corporate videos you can take a 3D model and create a complete and accurate mirror reflection for a realistic look.
  • Unified 3D space: You can position a 2D green-screened actor in the cockpit of 3D model helicopter without any layering tricks! HitFilm Pro’s unified 3D space feature allows you to create layers and models that interact in the same space. Add effects like motion blur and depth of field using the software’s built-in cameras for a more realistic look.
  • Doppler shift: Helicopter landings and revving engines sound as real as they look with HitFilm Pro’s doppler shift feature. Simply attach audio to your animated 3D layers and HitFilm will automatically apply doppler shift as the layer moves towards (and away) from the camera.

Specialized effects

HitFilm Pro comes with a huge amount of specialized effects built-in allowing you to easily enhance your film visuals, creating memorable and impactful scenes.

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  • 3D muzzle flashes: Perfect for any action scene – HitFilm Pro’s dedicated 3D muzzle flash engine incorporates a huge library of customizable effects. Drag and drop realistic, infinitely variable muzzle flashes onto any weapon in your prop collection from any angle, and at any size.
  • Procedural fire: Re-make your own Towering Inferno with HitFilm Pro’s procedural fire effects. You can augment your stock footage with everything from small bonfires to large-scale building fires. Perfect for turning up the heat and production value.
  • Distortion effects: HitFilm Pro’s distortion effects come in four flavors: Heat, Energy, Smoke & Fluid Distortion. Add industrial grit to your props and environments with jet exhausts, burning fires and hot proton beams, or create your own Narcissus reflection scene with fluid caustics – perfect for creating the appearance of looking through a liquid surface within the software.
  • Neon path: Create stunning neon sign graphics straight out of a dystopian metropolis or middle-of-nowhere motel. Just add the neon effect to text and shape layers to create life-like neon sign graphics that interact with surrounding elements. Bonus: Neon Path significantly reduces time spent rotoscoping lightswords and laserbeams. After positioning your lightsword using the 4-Point Auto effect, enhance it with flicker, foreground & background distortion for an irregular edw and path animation.
  • Easy sci-fi effects: High-quality visual effects are the building blocks of modern sci-fi classics. So we’ve created a showstopping repository of classic sci-fi tropes – from starfields and lasers, to FTL-jumps, text crawls, earthquakes and even lightswords. Drag, drop and dazzle.
  • Lightning & electricity: Take up the mantle of Nikola Tesla with your very own lightning generator. Use it for Harry Potter wand effects, exploding starship systems or have your actors throw electric bolts with customizable branches, color and motion.
  • Lens flare toolkit: Get the J.J. Abrams look without having to adjust F-stops or shine a maglite into your camera. Volumetric, anamorphic and automatic lens flares are all easy to use with automatic identification and application of flares to bright spots in your layers. HitFilm Pro even simulates imperfect lens flaring from specular highlights, camera dirt and anamorphic streaks.
  • Warping tools: Twist and distort your footage for that added cool factor using HitFilm Pro’s vortex displacement, bezier warps, perspective and polar warps. You can flatten your action footage to match your traditional lenses or use Action Cam Lens Distort; making it easy to layer your composites directly onto footage filmed with action cameras.
  • Temporal tools: Tell more stories in a New York minute with a temporal palette that lets you speed up, slow down or reverse the action. Bring your scenes to life by having characters dodge bullets with motion blur, or bend time with echoes, motion trails and temporal displacement.
  • Hide objects: Don’t let rogue pedestrians come between you and your perfect shot. Clean up your footage by easily hiding or duplicating objects with HitFilm Pro’s clone stamp and replacement tools.hit film pro 2018
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File handling

HitFilm supports a large number of file formats with more compatible formats than ever before.

  • Video formats: Supporting Quicktime, AVI, MOV, MP4 (AVC/H264 & AAC), MPEG-1 (TS, PS, MPE, MPG, MPEG, M2V), MXF (DVCPro HD), DV, HDV, WMV, HitFilm can use the most commonly used video file types. Providing unlimited creativity.
  • Audio: A range of audio file types can be integrated into your projects in HitFilm including AAC, MP3, M4A, MPA, WAV and WMA.
  • Image & sequences: Importing images and image sequences are a vital part of compositing and filmmaking. HitFilm is compatible BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, TGA, OpenEXR and HDR images for ease of use.
  • Export: HitFilm allows you to Export to a number of different file formats including Quicktime, MP4 (AVC/H264 & AAC), Image sequence (PNG, JPG, BMP), AVI (uncompressed, PAL DV, NTSC DV).
  • Media panel: The HitFilm audio syncing has levelled up. Import video and audio, select multiple clips in the media panel and the software automatically syncs the files.
  • Audio-syncing: HitFilm Pro introduces the new audio sync tool. By simply selecting multiple clips in the media panel, HitFilm will automatically sync the files.
  • Import performance: HitFilm is now doing more in the background so that you can get your media imported at lightning speed.


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