Differences Between WordPress.com And WordPress.org

Hello guys. Its Tomjoe again coming to reveal what is unknown to ‘so-called bloggers’ and ‘tech guys’. It is about WordPress this time.

Before I move on, I just want to let you know where else you can start a free blog on a sub-domain (besides WordPress.com):

Do you know that there are two ‘typess’ of wordpress blogs.WordPress is a publishing platform that makes it easy for anyone to publish online, and proudly powers millions of websites. It comes in two flavors: the fully hosted WordPress.com, and the self-hosted version, whose software is available for free at WordPress.org.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com:

Following are some factors you may want to consider before you decide to start your blog on a paid host with WordPress.org or WordPress.com (free):

  • Monetization and Advertisements: WordPress.com does not allow you to include advertisements of any kind.
  • Customization: WordPress.com provides a limited amount of space and customization options (although enough for most beginner bloggers).
  • Knowledge: WordPress.org requires more technical knowledge than WordPress.com.
  • Future Requirements: If your blog becomes popular, switching to WordPress.org requires moving your blog and obtaining a new domain name and web address.

Before proceeding, lets look at the major differences given by wordpress

NOW, lets look at the two closely, comparing them side-by-side:

Benefits From WordPress.org Sites

  • It’s free and super easy to use.
  • You own your data. You are in full control. Your site will NOT be turned off because someone decides that it is against their terms of service (as long as you are not doing something illegal). You are in control.
  • You can upload and use plugins.
  • You can upload custom themes. Modify theme files (not just styles) if needed.
  • You can make money from it by using your own ads, and doing things your way.
  • Custom Analytics and Tracking
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The only disadvantage i see here is that like any other website, you need a good web hosting. This bits cost you money somewhere from around $3 – $7 per month (as your site grows, your hosting costs will too). But then you would be making more than enough money to cover the costs (if you wisen up!)


WordPress.com Benefits

  • It’s free for upto 3GB of space. After that you will have to pay for space ($19.95 per year for 5GB) or ($289.97 per year for 100GB).
  • They make regular backups of your site.

Now, the major disadvantages of wordpress.com sites are:

  • They place ads on all free websites. Did you really think it was free without a catch? If you don’t want your users to see ads, then you can pay them $29.97 per year to keep your site ad-free.
  • You are NOT allowed to sell ads on your site unless you receive 25,000 pageviews per month. In which case, you have to apply to try their feature called Ad control. The approval process doesn’t cost you any money, but you have to split your revenues 50/50 with them ! Imagine!
  • You cannot use plugins. Yup WordPress is well known for it’s flexibility due to the plugins. WordPress.com does not allow you to use plugins! If you want to use plugins, then you have to move to their VIP program which starts at $3750 per month. No joke.
  • You can’t use custom themes. Yup, you have to be stuck with their choice of themes which is being used on hundreds of millions of sites. They do offer a “design upgrade” which should really be called CSS upgrade for $30 per year. Meaning, you can change the color of your site. But if you want to add something really custom, you cannot.
  • You are restricted to their analytics. You cannot use custom analytics software because you cannot add custom codes.
  • They can delete your site at anytime if they think it violates their Terms of Service.
  • They will change your theme without your permission if the founder doesn’t like the theme developer (For example, see where it happened).
  • Even if you pay for their upgrades, you still have to tell others that your site is powered on WordPress.com.

While WordPress.com includes many features that are perfect for beginners, keep in mind that you can’t install premium themes or plugins from 3rd parties, monetize your site through ads, or customize the underlying files that power your site.

We always recommend everyone to use WordPress.org, so you are in full control of your site. The final choice is always yours!

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