Dangers involved in rooting your android device

Perhaps you are not new to the concept of ‘rooting‘ because you might have heard someone say ‘i will root my phone’s etc….
Everything has both an advantage and disadvantage, except when it cones to the things of God..
Our next post would enumerate sone of the advantages of rooting, but I would like to let you know sone of the dangers involved in unnecessarily rooting your device. My candid advice on this case of study goes thus ‘dont root your phone if you have nothing special to do to it ,and immediately you have done what you want, unroot it immediately. There are risks involved in rooting.. after rooting,
1. A. Single mistake after rooting can make your phone to be bricked.. to understand what bricking means, check here
2. You can permanently damage a part of d OS
3. Your phone becomes prone to virus ie malware that can secretly steal your data or identity
4. Someone , if smart enough can install a bug on your phone chat makes he/she read and send messages on your whatsapp and see all activities you perform on your phone(trust me. This works well). Such stuffs cannot work if your phone is not rooted
5. You void your warranty (in most cases) ie your phone loses its warranty even if u bought it that day
6. You cannot upgrade your phone with d upgrade app that came with it, even if u unroot
7. Your battery consumption increases
8. Your phone software becomes legally termed ‘counterfeit’ ie your OS becomes less genuine as SuperSU and root shell would be incorporated
9. Your phone’s pattern/pin/password can be read or reset easily (since this site is for educational purposes, I won’t say how). I tell you this is very true, ie someone can know your pattern/pin/password without even looking at the way u input it
10. Anyone who steals you phone may change your imei to disable tracking
11. Bloatwares would try to take over your phone and download
12. Your phone’s bootloader may become locked, meaning it would not complete the process of booting(caused by other things and 1/15 of phones with locked bootloaders result from rooting the phone)
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