Issue of Infinix Hot 4 Pro not Updating to Nougat- explained and how to install it correctly

Hello guys. Infinix Mobility has released a beta version of the Nougat update on the Infinix Hot 4 Pro devices, but sadly, only 2 out of four devices can install the update successfully, and I’ll show you why.

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Well, I fall in the category of those who cannot install, and that is why I have not been able to review the Nougat experience specifically on Infinix Hot 4 Pro.

Why Can’t I Install Nougat Update on my Infinix Hot 4 Pro?

The reason is not far fetched. There are about two variants of the Infinix hot 4 pro, and a way to know them is their different build numbers:

  1. The V33 variant (ending with V33)
  2. The V136Variant (ending with V136).


How Can I know The type of Infinix Hot 4 Pro I Use?

Go to settings and press About Phone

Click on it and scroll down to see Build Number like:Infinix hot 4 pro nougat update error Android 7.0But, if your build number ends with V33, you can successfully install the update.


How to Install The Hot 4 Pro Nougat Update

I started this post by telling you which category you belong to: those it would work for and those it would not. It would work for you, only if your build number ends with 33. If your build number doesn’t end with 33, you will get an error message like:Infinix hot 4 pro nougat update error.

So in order to have a successful update to nougat on the Infinix Hot 4 Pro, follow the following instructions.

1. Download the update file here., Or better still, visit then select hot and select hot 4 pro

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See the specs of Infinix Hot S2 Pro.

2. Make sure the file is in the root of your memory card: meaning it should be in your memory card and not under any folder.

3. Open your system Update app and press the three dots at the top right.Infinix hot 4 pro system update

4. Press update from localInfinix hot 4 pro nougat update

5. Find the downloaded file and press update.

Wait for 15-30mins for your phone to update successfully.

Note that when the stable nougat update is released, even if you use this current beta update or not, you would be able to update by then, irrespective of your build number.

I have guys using it already and so far, the battery life looks improved and there is no problem with the nougat beta update at all.

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    1. Its not all hot 4 pro phones that can be updated (I have been unableto update), especially if your build number ends with V136. Check your build number in settings>about phone

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